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Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

RWC Final All Blacks Vs France, ABs win 8-7



It was anyone’s game, a true tough physical contest. The best team of the tournament won.

Rugby union is the last true physical game of chess in world sport (with out helmets, and tights).

Well done the ABs.

Well done the French.

Well done NZ

Roll on England 2015

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Hail Caesar, Hail Weepu !

Piri Weepu, True All Black Rugby Hero of RWC 2011

The seen was set for a hero to arise from the ashes in the RWC 2011 quarter final ABs vs Argentina. Prior to the game the number one in the world Abs 1st five ‘Dan Carter’ was out with injury, the new replacement would be Colin Slade. The nation was nervous, a green first five in a tough game and we remember the misfortune of RWC 2007 were the ABs lost to France.

Shortly into the game, Colin Slade leaves the field with injury. The nation reached the height of anxiety. Gasp!

The first five position is one of leadership and direction, many a game has been lost with poor first five game management, more so in tough RWC games.

The scene was set for a leader to emerge, a Caesar. Step up Piri Weepu. Who kick goals, directed field play around the field like it was his kingdom, the nation watched in awe a true rugby hero stood up and took charge. The day was won.

The best compliment the New Zealand Rugby public can do to such a player is post positive puns about the man deeds.

In short he was awesome, rugby world take note!


* Piri Weepu destroyed the periodic table because Piri Weepu only recognises the element of surprise …

* Piri Weepu can touch MC Hammer

* Piri Weepu and Mr T walked into a bar. The bar was instantly destroyed, as that level of awesomeness cannot be contained in one building.

*Google won’t search for Piri Weepu because it knows you don’t find Piri Weepu, he finds you.

* Piri Weepu ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.

* Some people wear Superman pyjamas. Superman wears Piri Weepu pyjamas.

* It takes Piri Weepu 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.

* If you spell Piri Weepu in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

* It takes Piri Weepu 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.

* Some people wear Superman pyjamas. Superman wears Piri Weepu pyjamas.

* Piri Weepu can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves.

* Piri Weepu can slam a revolving door.

* Piri Weepu doesn’t wear a watch. He decides what time it is.

* If at first you don’t succeed, you’re not Piri Weepu.

* Piri Weepu once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell him there was a stripper in it.




Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Nope, No thanks, Nada, Hell No, No Way

Carl ‘too slow’ Hayman

Nick  ‘never passes’ Evans

Do we want Nick Evans and Carl Hayman join the ABs in RWC?


 The Franks brothers and Steven Brett are doing just fine !

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

ABs Bad Omens for RWC 2011..


Rugby World Cup 2011

Its not all that great news for the ABs chances.

Here is why: Lack of mental focus !

“How can you say that !”..the reader says

Well consider this..

1) The ABs are ranked the number 1 team in the world today, this is the same as all previous RWC’s.

2) The praise, and it will be cheap, will conclude the ABs as having already won the cup before the very first kick off.

3) Players are already checking out high paying contracts around the world.

4) Henry’s coaching mob have little to add to this side, what you see is all you are going to get.

5) When you are on top of the heap the hunger for those below you is intense to knock you off: France 2007, Australia 2004, France 2001…


Henry’s mob must run the B team a few times in the Tri Nations, this means a few losses. This also means the A team will have a little doubt in their minds to remind them of the horrible ghosts of 2007,2004 and 2001 RWC’s.

God help them if the AB’s get knocked out before the final ….

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

The ABs do care for each other..


One of the greatest fighting units of world history promoted homosexuality amoungst its ranks. Has Henry’s coaching staff done the same??

Ref: Homosexuality in the militaries of ancient Greece

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Wayne Smith: Nutty Professor

Did you here about the full back that was made a center, then failed at it, as it was realised it takes years to learn that role,  and was dropped from the top team. This happened to MacDonald of Canterbury in the RWC 2003.

Smith thinks Sonny Bill Williams should consider Blind Side (no 6), after only spending his entire rugby career in the mid field backs. SBW has still a lot to learn in this role, let alone blind side flanker.

SBW should ignore the idiot Smith, cause if he doesnt his career will be very short ..

Source: All Blacks: Sonny Bill the flanker?

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

ABs to face England Nov 2010.

 The team…

BACKS: Mils Muliaina, Joe Rokocoko, Sonny Bill Williams, Ma’a Nonu, Hosea Gear, Daniel Carter, Alby Mathewson

Reserves: Andy Ellis, Stephen Donald, Isaia Toeava.

FORWARDS: Kieran Read, Richie McCaw (captain), Jerome Kaino, Sam Whitelock, Brad Thorn, Owen Franks, Keven Mealamu, Tony Woodcock.

Reserves: Hika Elliot, Ben Franks, Anthony Boric, Liam Messam

Englands Only Chance:Do everything you can to get Dan Carter off the field, this will bring Donald the “Duck’ on, and then our back line will struggle to be smarter than a four year old  ! Toeava, Williams and Nonu are not leaders or great rugby thinkers. I guess I will find out on Monday if I will be eating the same humble pie as Obama !

I guess the Coaches have gotta see what the B team can do !

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Rugby Thinking: Deans vs Henry

The common points….

1) Both know a lot about the game.
2) Both know how to win.
3) Both are great kiwis

But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, 5 minutes togo, and your team is down 4 points and you need a play to seal the win in the RWC final.

It comes down to how intelligent and fit ALL YOUR PLAYERS ARE !

Player fitness is easy, do the work and your done. Having the player smarts is a little more difficult.

The only difference between Henry and Deans that I have seen over the years is that Henry tends to choose brawn over brian’s. Not all the time, but more often than not. Deans tends to way up the players general on and off the field smarts. Hence Deans teams would score higher on high school tests.

As a past employer of young people, hiring people that achieved a creditable level of high school english and maths was a huge advantage over those that did not. Stop here, I am not saying rugby players should sit a maths test, but I would certainly way up their general smarts on and off the field before selecting them for the black jersey.  How a player speaks, converse, written communication, solve problems, other life achievements both physical and mental.

When teams match up in brawn , experience and skill,  having a team with a higher IQ is always better. Great teams (not just winning teams) have always proven to be great thinkers, others mask this buy calling it leadership. In the end it just better smarts. I feel Deans adds more weight to this more so than Henry.

Of course you can have the incredible hulk in the team, who can not add 1 + 1, so long as the other 14 can ! But it is the balance that’s important.

The test match just past ABs(24) vs Aussie(26) was a prime example of ABs back line IQ dropping after the subs game on, where as the Aussie backline IQ proved to be higher and hence made better choices, and stole the game. Henry’s weakness was exposed, or maybe it was Wayne Smith and Henry weakness ! Lets see how they react !

UPDATE: Here you go, this is why smarts are need, very much so !

Source: Information overload hits as Sonny Bill-Williams swots

Sonny-Bill Williams has been staying up late swotting for his All Blacks debut and with the help of unlikely tutor Ma’a Nonu now believes he’s ready to play test rugby.

A relaxed Williams said today he has been on a crash course since joining the squad three weeks ago and was now itching for a chance to legitimise his selection.

“Coming into rugby union there’s been a lot of information to take in so I’ve had to do my home work,” the 25-year-old said in London today. “I wasn’t good at homework at school, but I’ve had to do that and get everything right here.

“Once you get that down pat, the way the boys want to play then I feel you can express yourself more,

“I’ve been sitting in the room at night writing down the plays and I’ve been falling asleep [while I’m writing]. I’m like ‘come on man, stay awake.'”

Williams credited the man who holds his preferred position in the test side for helping him get up to speed with the All Blacks structures.

“Ma’a Nonu has been really good. He’s helped me out. He’s been in the squad for so long he’s really taken me under his wing and I’m thankful for that.”

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

ABs and Rugby Brains…

Compared to :

Whats are the match ups between Clydesdale horses and the large ABs centers.

The good:
1) They are both very strong.
2) They both go forward with out dispute.
3) The work load is outstanding.
4) They both eat and pop a lot (I assume).

The NOT so good:
1) Without a directional advice they are lost. Horses need the wagon master, the ABs above need Dan Carter or Conrad Smith to steer the ship.
2) It’s cheaper to feed the horses hay, than the steak and eggs for the ABs.
3) These ABs say ‘He Bro’ and ‘Cousy’ a lot, which is just ignorant.

Henry’s Mob always have a bias to pick very big and strong lads, but some how lack serious rugby brains to handle the intense pressure when the team is down 17-10 with 20 minutes to go. The point is if Dan Carter or Conrad Smith are not on th e field then all we would have in the ABs back line is big dumb animals. BUT if they are on the field WATCH OUT ! But its a dangerous selection game Henry is playing as shit does happen !

Caveat: Sonny Bill Williams is yet to be tested, so I will grant him one more super rugby season to prove himself.

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Sonny Bill Williams Update…


I have watch a couple of games with SBW playing for Canterbury in the ITM cup or NZ National Rugby Championship.

With out a doubt he is strong lad, he would get direct entry into the NZ arm wrestling team or (The Black Wrists.. ha). So far I have seen him do two good things for two bad, which is were Ma Nonu was about 3 years ago. He is good and improving,  yet I feel we wont know anything until mid Super Rugby season 2011. I do agree he will go on the 2010 ABs year end tour, as McAlister is out of all rugby with a broken jaw.

The Ma Nonu and Conrad Smith combination is rock solid and the combination I would have when the  All Blacks are down 10-13 with 10 minutes to go in the Rugby World Cup final.

SBW is very good over 10 meters, just like Ma Nonu, SBW is slow over 50 meters, just like Ma Nonu, however Ma Nonu has more time in the black jersey than SBW will ever get before RWC,  and that matters.

If Ma Nonu breaks a leg before RWC 2010 then SBW could be a starter if he has a stella Super Rugby 2011 season. We must just wait and see. Then again SBW has a track record for breaking down himself.

I have said in the past SBW could be a dud, so far I have eaten half of the humble pie, but not all yet…

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

ABs(29) vs Boks(22): Marvelous !


Boks were Dagged !

The NZ rugby media are (and rightly so) spewing with congratulations for the ABs performance at a packed cauldron of 94000 in Soweto.

And most of it I agree with.

Henry has put a lid on his critics for now, we know he can coach, so maybe next years RWC will be his year, lets hope so!

However, you cant sell me that Joe Rokocoko is better than Zac Gilford. Joe still cant catch the high ball, his work rate is still poor and defense covered up by the other back three.

How to win the world cup 2011, is the same formula as winning the 2010 TriNations. Lose to the Boks 3 times (or England or Australia)  the year before ! Get the feeling we may be sailing into another RWC as red hot favorites only to choke against France again !

Rugby as a game to watch is on the up and up, good stuff, maybe the moons have aligned to set up the RWC 2011 as a great spectacle.

Friday, July 16th, 2010

True Rumble in the Capital

The great boxing matches in the past between Ali and Fraser, Ali and Forman, Hagler vs Sugar Ray are a rare things these days. To get large men beating the crap out of one other in civilized way ( yes boxing is civilized) is very rare. Today boxing contests like other contest are major flops, and rarely do you get contest like the days of old.

BUT every now and then you get a rugby game like last week ABs vs Boks were the tight five contest was exactly that, large men beating the crap out of one other in a civilized way ( notwithstanding Botha’s performance) . Such fantastic demonstration of rugby skill and physical expression explains why rugby is one of the last great sporting contests out there for MEN. Let is so remain.

Roll on ABs vs Boks : Wellington

Monday, June 28th, 2010

NZRU: Have a cunning plan !

Source: All Blacks rejects among sevens trialists

I was amazed that Zac Guilford didn’t make the ABs Tri  Nations squad!

Then again he and Hosea Gear are just the folks you need to defend the ABs Sevens gold at the Commonwealth Games..

Sneaky Plan by the NZRU, tactical selections going on here, hmmmm !

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

ABs Squad for Tri Nations 2010: WTF !

Source: All Blacks: Tialata, Thomson, Guildford axed for Tri Nations

You gotta be kidding me..

After Zac Guilford effort vs Wales (Sat 26th), you leave him out for these fellows:

Joe Rokocoko
Benson Stanley
Rene Ranger
Richard Kahui

Stanley and Ranger have done NOTHING, they have been selected on ‘potential’, so you can bet Sonny Bill will get the same easy entry card.

Joe, Ranger, Stanley all missed tackles and butchered sure thing tries!

Zac save two, set up another !

Joe is not there as an international wing, and the selectors will soon realise this…he is too slow, lazy and cant catch !

We shall see !

UPDATE: There is further evidence that G Henry is rotating the squad, so that come RWC time the bench is strong, as he remembers the last RWC when the bench failed the ABs in that horrible french match !

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Dear Wales, how to beat ABs

Source: All Blacks: Vito gets starting spot

Dear Wales.

The AB selectors have made a huge mistake with the selection of Joe Rokocoko as wing. I suggest you send him lots of high balls under pressure. The Boks did this in 2009, and managed to get several tries down his wing, as poor old Joe can NOT catch. However change this tactic if Zac Guilford replaces Joe Rokocoko on the field, as he can catch just fine !

Thats your only chance !

Cheery O boy O !

Forecast Score: ABS 30+, Wales less than 15

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Conrad Smith on Rugby League

Source: Conrad Smith will put the All Blacks first


And as far as Smith considering a similar code switch, you get the feeling the chances are remote at best.

“League? I don’t know. I played a bit at school when the first XV used to transfer and play a bit. I don’t know, it’s not quite me. I love the physicality of it, but I think it’s a bit too simple.”

COMMENTS:  That is exactly my point why Sonny ‘BullShit” Bill will be a very poor choice for the role of ABs Centre. He is used to a simple game, rugby is more complex and you need the sharpest rugby brains in the correct place at the right time, when the pressure is intense.

The above is exactly why the ABs have NOT been in a RWC final for two decades. Rugby Smarts is lacking.

I would target Sonny at 2nd five eight. He is the same mold as MacAlister, both would run great off Dan Carter.

This means: MacAlister, Sonny Bill, Ma Nonu are battling it out for 2nd five. Notice the common traits then !

However, what’s their kicking game like, well you dont get everything I guess !

Monday, May 17th, 2010

ABs RWC Plan weak point !

Source: Lack Of Quality rocks All Blacks

Marc Hinton has just restated why we lost in the quarter finals vs France (RWC 2007). Every RWC opponent knows this, and this is why a bet at the TAB for an ABs win at RWC 2011 is a long shot !


…”Someone needs to say something, for it’s difficult to escape the growing realisation that the situation is getting deadly serious for the All Blacks. Throw in a few injuries in a few key positions and these are worrying times indeed.

Think I’m being alarmist? Pessimistic?

OK, answer me this: who are our back-up men for Dan Carter, Richie McCaw, Ma’a Nonu, Kieran Read and Brad Thorn?

The logical answer, in order, is: Stephen Donald, er Tanerau Latimer till Daniel Braid becomes available, Luke McAlister, Rodney So’oialo and, er, Bryn Evans. Not exactly a glittering line-up of form horses.”…

COMMENTS: Get the feeling NZ Rugby is very close to soccer for Brazil. I still dont support picking overseas plays for the ABs, why, the NZRU loss would be $40 M, thats why !

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

ABs(39) vs France(12): Who didnt tackle then !



ABs roll out for a win…

The season ended, and all the NZ Monday morning press are in orgasmic mode with the ABs. Sorry I am just very warm.


The french midfield couldn’t tackle, the BOKs, Aussies, Welsh and English could and the results where very different. We won some and lost some. The French were just very bad on the weekend, my guess they were on ‘happy juice’ after beating the BOKs and thought the ABs would be a ‘not so hard’.

Any injuries to Conrad Smith, Dan Carter or Richie McCaw and this ABs team is very very different.

This season to me will be remembered by 3-0 losses to the BOKs, and a home series loss to the French.

This includes the Tri Nations blunders on selections and tactics by the coaches, I mean not picking Cory Jane after a great French test, the coaches suffered blind loyalty for Joe Rokocoko. The only reason Sivivatu is still there is for the same reason loyalty, and the 1 in 3 good game, Zac Guildford has a workload twice as high as Sivivatu, so he better watch out.

So the errors this year can be found in the top three inches of the coaches head. Hanson and Smith are dead weights, TED should rule alone !

PLEASE STOP THIS: All Blacks: Hansen keen to coach forwards again

Monday, November 16th, 2009

HANSON: ‘Its a kicking game’, change the rules AGAIN!

Source: Rugby need to entertain again – Toby Robson

Hanson extract…

Assistant coach Steve Hansen wasn’t hiding from the issue upon arriving at the All Blacks’ High St hotel.

Rugby was in need of an entertaining and free-flowing test match.

“Kicking has overtaken most of the game,” he said. “They tried to change all the rules [with the ELVs] and then halfway through the process they decided to play differently up here [in the north].

“They only want to play some of them, so we’ve got a kind of hybrid type of game and it’s ended up with everyone kicking.”

Hansen repeated Graham Henry’s call for the mark to be introduced anywhere on the field before indicating the All Blacks would not let up in their quest to play running rugby.

“They’ve always played differently up here and we have to just accept that,” he said. “I think the game of rugby needs a good game of rugby and not necessarily just a battle up front, but some ball movement and some good tries.”

COMMENTS: Well the best way to defeat a kicking game, is to play a ‘catching’ game. The ABs didnt do this against the BOKs and lost 3-0 in this years Tri Nations. Also the positional play of the back three is also important. So if one team kicks the ball, and the receiving team CATCH IT then thats an excellent chance for counter attack.

Once again Henry and Hanson call for RULE CHANGES when in truth it was there own selections and tactics that let them down.  Dont believe this spin.

ABs have idiots coaches in charge…

The ABs shouldnt worry about the entertainment factor, they should focus on the winning factor, once again Henry is getting sidetracked by issues that dont steer the ABs ship to RWC glory.

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

ABs(32) vs Aussie(19):Much better !


Zip zap ‘Conrad’ scores !!

Hanson: In charge of the backs, and on first impressions what a great improvement. Just proves how useless Wayne Smith was at forming a back line attack. We saw some structured attacks, great stuff !

Henry: In charge of the forwards, and once again on first impressions ‘much better’, but not “BOK” as ‘good’ ! Lineouts better, but scrums had issues and Aussies managed to muscle up on the ABsforwards in the first half. What would have the ‘BOKs’ have done to us ! Didn’t see too much in the maul department.

Smith: Defense, just the same. Who needs him ! We could save $500k here !

Noted improvements…
1) Cory Jane, makes you say what was that other guys name, Joe Rock who ??
2) Carter, on fire as the operations captain, watch out up north, here we come.
3) Hore, some great tight forward work !
4) Read is my preferred No 8, sorry Rodney !

This game saw both the ARU and NZRU bank at least $6,000,000 NZD each ! Hope its not a regular thing ! But economic needs must be met !

Role on summer tour !

This cant be good..

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Hanson: I’ve been flushed !

Question: Why was Hanson moved away being the forward coach, and Henry has been self appointed as forwards coach of the ABs?

Short Answer: Hanson was an ELV lover, and when the laws changed this year, he didn’t change, hence we saw with the three test matches against the BOKs the ABs forwards beaten!

Mauls (esp) scrums and lineout are more important now under the new laws than they were under the ELVs. The ELVs diluted these structured plays as the tap kick allowed them to less frequent (plus the ELV maul laws didnt help) in the game.

Hanson didn’t change, and we ended the 2009 season with 3-0 vs the BOKs.

Hanson once said after an ABs loss “Flush the dunny and move on !”, Well that’s be done, and Hanson is closer to the ABs coaching exit door !

Lets hope Henry improves the forwards. The fact that Issac Ross has been told to bulk up is a sign of this, as he was not good in the tight stuff versus the Boks. Maybe Henry should have said “Issac you need to BOK up !”

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

ABs: Go ‘Zig Zag’ (Zac Guildford)!

Source: Four new caps in All Blacks squad


Zac Guildford – Leading try scorer in NPC and new AB …

In tough company Hawkes Bay vs Canterbury Zac stood out !  This kid can score tries !  Along with Cory Jane,  Zac is a try scoring machine.

Cory and Zac oustide ‘postman’ Conrad Smith will be a delight to watch !

The selectors made this mistake during the Tri Nations. Slow learners I guess !

Sitiveni Sivivatu better take note otherwise he may well follow his cousin Joe Rokocoko out of the ABs squad !

Roll on summer tour ! Who cares about the baseball, smashem game they used to call Cricket !

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

ABs(33) vs Australia(6):Aussies were duds!


First a win is a win, so history will say. We  done ABs !

But more was said about this AB team last week when they lost to the Boks.

The Aussies were duds, they were already on the beach, speedos and suntan lotion at the ready !

So the media will mostly post positive print on the ABs and coaches, and wrongly so, the true status of the ABs was determined in Hamilton last week.

So what was learnt in this game.
1) Jane is the best winger in a AB jersey this season, yet he warmed the bench most of the time. ERROR by Wayne Smith.
2) One AB maul in the game, not enough. ERROR by ‘ELV lover’ Hanson.
3) Joe Rokocoko has done little to change his status of ‘lucky to be in black’. ERROR Wayne Smith.
4) Tactical reading of the game by Dan Carter was awesome, no Carter, no brains in ABs. Donald was a dud!
5) Ma’a Nonu is still a ‘Ken Worth Truck’ and 5 miles an hour. Conrad Smith we need you.
6) After a 3 year wait, Toeava finally didnt screw up a game. This guy has had more chances in the ABs than Bill Clinton with White House interns. Still a very high risk selection. But at 23, I think he will eventually give the ABs some good years as he gets much older and more confident.

The game was won by the ABs getting more players to the breakdown, Aussie were just plain lazy in getting around the paddock. Deans has expressed this fact to be so in today’s papers.

This game was a cheap reward for the desparate AB coaching team who can now say ‘all is back on track’ but it’s all smoke and mirrors until we face the Boks again next year to reverse the 3-0 white wash !

Roll on Summer tour !

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

On the ABs: Public comments.

Waitakere reader to Your Views: “There are obviously not enough good players in NZ. Perhaps if we merged with Australia, we would have enough players to form a competitive team for the upcoming world cup.”

Letter to Dominion Post: “For sale: One rugby coach, suitable for under-fives. Also for sale, 15 rugby players. Suitable for not terribly much.”

ha ha ha !!!

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

ABs Back Line: Who has the brains !

The ‘ABs Backs’  rugby brains IQ class ranking..

The ‘A’ Class


The ‘B’ Class


When the ABs back line has more “B” class players within it they look lost, lack leader ship, and lose confidence.  This is the difference between and Henry lead coaching team and a Deans lead coaching team, Deans makes a judgement of players rugby IQ, Henry make one more on brawn rather than brains.

Face it some of our boys are just dumb ! Not only in rugby but in worldly matters as well. They cant speak good ! (ha) !