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These posts are the focus of this blog  (in order from top to bottom).

Other critical  posts (no particular order).

  1. Free Speech: NOT in NZ Rugby (SKY/NZRU)
  2. ELVs: Bye Bye… good riddance !
  3. ELVs Debate Over: The result is…
  4. ELVs: Four Hero administrators !
  5. ELVs: Grant Fox Flip Flop, bring back the ruck.
  6. ELVs: The old fuddy-duddies got this one right!
  7. ELVs: Revolution, down with ELVs, thank god!
  8. ELVs: Mains is soo fooking correct !
  9. ELVs – Aussies not singing ONeills tune.
  10. ELVs – NZ press are turning negative
  11. ELVs – RIP ! (Nearly)
  12. ELVs – Why the ARU loves them so much !
  13. ELVs – Fix Bayonets, Charge ! (Brian Moore)
  14. ELVs – Fix bayonets !
  15. ELVs – Maybe trial period having desired consequences.
  16. ELVs – Collapsed maul results in DEATH !
  17. ELVs – All shapes and sizes, only if your very mobile!
  18. ELVs – AFL and ELV rugby are a match !
  19. ELVs – Henry can see the dark side.
  20. The effect of removing rucking is still with us today.
  21. ELVs – There are 50 more tries, relax its better, really!
  22. ELVs – Hail the New Caesar (Ian McGeechan)
  23. ELVS – ‘Its like league!’ (Laurie Mains)
  24. ELVs – ‘No intelligent life forms here Scotty! (Grant Fox)
  25. ELVs – Steve Tew, anti forward play comments.
  26. ELVs – Confirmation, they are more commercial (in Aus).
  27. ELVs – It’s McRugby, for cash. (Andy Jackson)
  28. Super Rugby – Best idea yet. Thanks Wynne Gray!
  29. At the 23rd April AGM NZRFU announced: ‘Win back the fans!’
  30. Warning – ARU CEO John ONeill
  31. International Playing Window with Revenue Sharing