Blog Villians

These people are BLOG VILLIANS as there ‘rugby thinking’ have NOT been in accordance with the ‘Rugby Philosophy’ of this blog. These people have NOT put the philosophy of rugby before any other influences of money, sponsors and other selfish interests. They have sought divergence away from the fundamental rugby philosophy for there own interests, or they have failed to defend the rugby philosophy when rugby needed them most.

The list..

John O’Neill – Current ARU CEO

WHY:The challenges for the winter sporting buck in Australia is fierce between Rugby Union, Rugby League, AFL and NRL. To win the fan from these sports he needs a product that can be sold to them that is not to far away from what they are already getting, with this in mind he needs to tweak rugby union to be closer to other codes, this vital to his flawed growth strategy. He sought changes to the game that moved rugby away from its fundamental philosophy, the rest of the rugby world has seen this as dire and consequently his over the top support for ELVs has shown up is judgement to be a failure. Otherwise a brilliant rugby administrator that has saved ARU from a financial disaster. But please John stay out of the rugby philosophy design team.


Rod MacQueen – Former Wallabies Rugby Coach ( World Cup Winner)

WHY:After you read the above criticism of John O’Neill, who I would call the leader of the ELVs, I would call Rod MacQueen the engineer. Much of the ELVs rules that saw the destruction of the mauls and long lineouts (that consequently resulted in forwards having nothing to do but stand in the back line) was the result ideas from Aussie NRL concepts. I believe that Rod brought these changes to the table. Thanks for nothing. Great coach, famous for the saying “It’s bloody good to be an Australian!”.

Paddy O’Brien – Current IRB Referee Manager

WHY:For being such a whale ! A whale that swallowed hook line and sinker these ELVs with out more ‘on paper’ thinking, some of the ELVs should have never got on the grass. He did stress that ELVs are experimental, but that experiment cost huge money (in lost fans) that didn’t need to happen. In the corporate world his decision making failure would see him posted to refereeing rugby games in northern Alaska ! Otherwise a fine chap that loves the game, but got this one wrong !


 Steve Tew – Current CEO NZRU

WHY:For showing such blind puppy love for the ELVs. After producing ELV statistics that would even prove that ‘we are living with aliens and there are UFOs’ and still being wrong. As the leader of the New Zealand Rugby he should be pushing hard for whats needed in rugby, and that’s bring back the legitimate ‘rucking’. Or is that not in favour of Adidas sponsors and queasy mums !

 Tony Johnstone – NZ Sky TV Senior rugby commentator.

WHY:For being such a blind blond stupid ELV cheerleader ! After the first 4 weeks of the 2008 Super 14 rugby it was obvious that super rugby had gone ‘glorified touch rugby’, and yet Tony proclaimed there greatness. Obviously working for a TV channel that paid big bucks for the rugby rights he cant say anything against the corporate line, as thats not good for ratings. He looks stupid now ! No independent thought here, and he is not alone, any one else who took SKY TV money pretty much said the same thing. Ex All Blacks need the money once playing days are over, they not all pulling huge donut jobs like Fitzy in London!

Grant Fox – Ex All Black, Current Rugby TV/Radio/Print commentator.

WHY: Grant is probably the world best back line technician. After all he has spent 20 years of his life standing behind a scrum or a lineout at the highest level, so he should know. What I couldn’t understand was when the ELVs kicked off, was his silence. Where was he defending back play. Back line play has been so diluted by the fact that it is so infected with tight five forwards, that it does not exists any more (unless you count 5 mins of play time per game when a scrum is reset, if your lucky). I was expecting Grant to step up and say ‘ELVS, they are not good for back play’. His lack of defence for the this aspect of the rugby has got him on the list. If he was a school kid, I would say you failed, go back and do better ! Otherwise what a brilliant first five !

PREDICTION:Once the IRB vote mostly to the negative (May 13 2009) on the anti maul and anti lineout ELVs, the above folks will start singing the populist tune. Hey they gotta make a living, and if the current has changed, so must they ! Typical ha !

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