Wednesday, October 19th, 2011...3:33 pm

RWC 2011, France to win

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RWC 2011 French coach, and also the 1999 mastermind behind the All Blacks defeat in the semi final.

What if ALL BLACKS win:

1) Our 2nd RWC cup win in 24 years

2) The nation will be happy

3) Players will be applauded


What if France win:

1) The French players will be immortals forever, their names will be remember like Ceaser. True Hero’s !

2) France first RWC cup.


The New Zealand Tab are paying $7 for a French win, and $1.05 for an AB win.

My bank account says take the $7 odds. My heart says go the ABs.

Yes I am worried, why the French have done it to the ABs twice before, and third time would be just messy.

Go the ABs.




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