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Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Sonny Bill Paid how much !

Source: French club offers Sonny Bill $1.8m per season

..”THE battle for Sonny Bill Williams has reached boiling point.”…

Take the money and thats the end of international rugby for him !

Good luck to him !

Friday, November 19th, 2010

IRB and the Northern Unions tackle SBW

Source: Why SBW’s offload is so special

The latest rumor is that the IRB wish to take down the latest ABs advantage over other unions, and that is the ability for SBW (Sonny Bill Williams) to offload the rugby union ball with one hand.

The IRB proposes to increase the ball size by 25%. This is to insist that SBW uses two hands. This would reduce that chance of fast offloads in the tackle and return SBW to normal status, just like the rest of us.

However, after reading the tea leaves I feel this is correct the forecast for the world rugby and SBW:

IMPORTANT: I am joking about the ball size ya !

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Wayne Smith: Nutty Professor

Did you here about the full back that was made a center, then failed at it, as it was realised it takes years to learn that role,  and was dropped from the top team. This happened to MacDonald of Canterbury in the RWC 2003.

Smith thinks Sonny Bill Williams should consider Blind Side (no 6), after only spending his entire rugby career in the mid field backs. SBW has still a lot to learn in this role, let alone blind side flanker.

SBW should ignore the idiot Smith, cause if he doesnt his career will be very short ..

Source: All Blacks: Sonny Bill the flanker?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

ABs and Rugby Brains…

Compared to :

Whats are the match ups between Clydesdale horses and the large ABs centers.

The good:
1) They are both very strong.
2) They both go forward with out dispute.
3) The work load is outstanding.
4) They both eat and pop a lot (I assume).

The NOT so good:
1) Without a directional advice they are lost. Horses need the wagon master, the ABs above need Dan Carter or Conrad Smith to steer the ship.
2) It’s cheaper to feed the horses hay, than the steak and eggs for the ABs.
3) These ABs say ‘He Bro’ and ‘Cousy’ a lot, which is just ignorant.

Henry’s Mob always have a bias to pick very big and strong lads, but some how lack serious rugby brains to handle the intense pressure when the team is down 17-10 with 20 minutes to go. The point is if Dan Carter or Conrad Smith are not on th e field then all we would have in the ABs back line is big dumb animals. BUT if they are on the field WATCH OUT ! But its a dangerous selection game Henry is playing as shit does happen !

Caveat: Sonny Bill Williams is yet to be tested, so I will grant him one more super rugby season to prove himself.

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Sonny Bill Williams Update…


I have watch a couple of games with SBW playing for Canterbury in the ITM cup or NZ National Rugby Championship.

With out a doubt he is strong lad, he would get direct entry into the NZ arm wrestling team or (The Black Wrists.. ha). So far I have seen him do two good things for two bad, which is were Ma Nonu was about 3 years ago. He is good and improving,  yet I feel we wont know anything until mid Super Rugby season 2011. I do agree he will go on the 2010 ABs year end tour, as McAlister is out of all rugby with a broken jaw.

The Ma Nonu and Conrad Smith combination is rock solid and the combination I would have when the  All Blacks are down 10-13 with 10 minutes to go in the Rugby World Cup final.

SBW is very good over 10 meters, just like Ma Nonu, SBW is slow over 50 meters, just like Ma Nonu, however Ma Nonu has more time in the black jersey than SBW will ever get before RWC,  and that matters.

If Ma Nonu breaks a leg before RWC 2010 then SBW could be a starter if he has a stella Super Rugby 2011 season. We must just wait and see. Then again SBW has a track record for breaking down himself.

I have said in the past SBW could be a dud, so far I have eaten half of the humble pie, but not all yet…

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Financial Advice to Professional Rugby Players


How many times do you here it, a current wealthy rugby player invest in a business (while still playing) as loses his monies

Recent years, I can recall trouble for these stars:
1) John Kirwan: Lighting business
2) Dan Carter: Clothes Retail
3) Andrew Merthens: Bar

Financial Advice for Rugby Players

1) DO NOT INVEST in any business why you are playing the game.
2) DO NOT lend any money to FAMILY, ever !
3) DO NOT live an expensive lifestyle.
4) DO NOT let divorce make you poor.

Do this…
1) It takes years to learn how to profit with investments and business, take your time.
2) You must learn how to read the economic cycle.
3) You must learn how to decifer the bullshit in financial reporting in the media and other financial promotions.
4) BEWARE of those that give you FREE advice.
5) BEWARE of those that give you paid advice and are not following it themselves.

When you do start to invest: Leave 70% of your capital in the bank as rarely do the first ventures work out !

Good Luck !

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

SBW major hurdle to Overcome: WorkRate!

The Sonny Bill Williams show rolled on Friday night.

SBW played 60 minutes.

The good:
– He makes an impact when involved
– He has rugby knowledge
– He is big and strong

The NOT so good:
– A poor work rate
– Lacks rugby anticipation, the ability to read the game.

SBW is in the same place Ma Nonu was 5 years ago. He’s good 50% of the time. Write now other players are better.

Don’t believe me, compare SB Williams work rate to Zac Guilford work rate. If you put SBW into a rugby sevens side, you will see his lungs bleed.

League plays are used to a three minute burst of play, then have a rest, where rugby plays may suffer 15 minutes of  lung busting running.

Sorry Ma Nonu is way ahead of the SBW circus.

Come on SBW get fit, do extra training, it would be great to see you put up a real challenge to current All Blacks, but write now, no chance !

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Sonny Bill Arrogance !

Source: Injured Sonny Bill’s skiing trip irks Canterbury bosses


Sonny Bill Williams is on a slippery slope with Canterbury rugby bosses after an unauthorised ski trip while on the injury list.

The star signing has been reprimanded by the Canterbury Rugby Football Union (CRFU) for going skiing last Saturday.

Williams has not yet played for Canterbury in the ITM Cup because of injury. He had been ruled out of the match against Tasman, being played in Nelson the day of the ski trip.

A CRFU spokesman said yesterday Williams had skied at the Mt Hutt Ski Area during a sightseeing tour for “overseas guests”.

“I believe he put skis on a couple of times, did a couple of runs, and then took them off and watched,” he said.

“He needed to get clearance [first], but he didn’t do that.”

The spokesman said the matter was handled “internally”.

“He’s been talked to and reminded of his responsibilities in terms of letting people know what he’s doing.

“He taken that on the chin and realised he’s made a mistake in this instance.”

Williams resumed full training this week, but the transgression did not result in his non-selection.

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Sonny Bill Broken Again !


SBW is broken again…jes wayne…!

Source: Sonny Bill out with injury again

Midfield back Sonny Bill Williams, who made his New Zealand rugby debut last weekend when turning out for his Belfast club in Christchurch, is not available for selection due to a tight hamstring.

COMMENTS: The story of this mans life, on for one game, off for two ! Not worth the NZRU dollars !

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Well da…Fitzy

Source: We shouldn’t count too many chickens, but…

Fitzy Extract..

..”We saw that the All Blacks got tremendously quick ball; recycling it very fast. We saw in the Super 14 that the sides who recycle ball quickly can now get over the advantage line and behind the defensive line – and that’s what the All Blacks did last night.”..

COMMENTS: Remember the days when Aussie had the Bledisloe cup, well Aussie had one asset that we didnt George Gregan, and George was lightening fast with recycling the ball, a lot faster than our Justin Marshall.

The point is, when has slow ball been any good in rugby at the break down, when, I tell you when NEVER, most teams that lose suffer slow ball at the break down. Fitzy da !

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Bakkie Botha Rugby CV to 2010


 Bakkie Botha rugby skill set..

I head butt
I hit
I bite
I eye gouge
I commit professional fouls

I say BYE BYE you cheating dirty mongrel !

NO place for this rubbish in rugby !

Ooooh he is a born again christian as well, WTF !

Source: Rugby: Bakkies Botha suspended for headbutt

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Conrad Smith on Rugby League

Source: Conrad Smith will put the All Blacks first


And as far as Smith considering a similar code switch, you get the feeling the chances are remote at best.

“League? I don’t know. I played a bit at school when the first XV used to transfer and play a bit. I don’t know, it’s not quite me. I love the physicality of it, but I think it’s a bit too simple.”

COMMENTS:  That is exactly my point why Sonny ‘BullShit” Bill will be a very poor choice for the role of ABs Centre. He is used to a simple game, rugby is more complex and you need the sharpest rugby brains in the correct place at the right time, when the pressure is intense.

The above is exactly why the ABs have NOT been in a RWC final for two decades. Rugby Smarts is lacking.

I would target Sonny at 2nd five eight. He is the same mold as MacAlister, both would run great off Dan Carter.

This means: MacAlister, Sonny Bill, Ma Nonu are battling it out for 2nd five. Notice the common traits then !

However, what’s their kicking game like, well you dont get everything I guess !

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Sonny Bill Pump Up

The Media

Current All Blacks

His Manager

Current ABs Coach

Are ALL talking this lad up. Hes a great athlete, hes strong, he has great skills.

But he has done nothing, but pose in picture for the girls. Rugby Union is not suited to those that can not think on their feet, or have a low work load. Rugby Union will expose Sonny ‘BullShit’ Bill as just average.

He will have a chance in Super 15. But he is years behind Conrad Smith as centre. I would be watching Sonny for 2nd five eights, and not centre or wing. A center must organise the attack and help those fickle wings, just ask Frank Bunce!

Well hes got 12 months to prove himself, at the moment he has a head start on media beat up.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

A League Back vs Union Back

Zac Guilford

Whats the difference between a rugby league back and and rugby union back?

One Name : Zac ‘Zig Zag’ Guilford.

A rugby union back must LOOK for work, he must read the game and find the gaps, more so than a league back. For the simple reason there is less room on a union field, and when space comes available you must be ready.

Tana Umaga also new this. The best example today is Zac Guilford of the Crusaders fame. You watch his work load, he seams to find space all over the field. Rugby league players who move to union and complain about the space, or lack of it, just dont have rugby mojo, and should stay in league.

Another reason why Sonny Bill we be a Dud, Dudley, Doodle…

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Sonny Bill will be a DUD !

Source : Sonny Bill Gets rugby contract offer.
ref: Sonny Bill doesn’t have rugby mojo.

NZRU dont waste your money, here is why…

1) If he is gonna be in the backs, can he catch, just ask Joe Rokocoko how important that skill is ?

2) Big game experience: Sure he looks great when he’s playing the mino’s of a competition, under pressure in a Bledisloe cup, that is a whole different story.

3) We have Kahui and Conrad Smith, so why spend money on a guy who will sit on the reserve bench.

4) He breaks down: He has not eaten enough WeetBix, he breaks easy, and the South African boys will make sure of that !

5) He is just not that smart, we need leaders and rugby smarts not just brawn (this is G Henry weakness, brawn or body, he normally picks brawn).

6) Consider the path Brad Thorn took, he is the only league play who has ever proven he was worth every cent to switch codes at a late stage in a players career.

Henry is desperate, so he  his motivating NZRU cheque book once again.

Hmm I wonder will selected players be rested from the 2011 Super 15 ???

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Justin Marshall Retires: Review

Source: Justin Marshall Retires

Justin was one of the mentally toughest halfbacks the ABs have ever seen. I have been watching rugby for 40 plus years, and I would say in the wet there was no better.

He was characterised as a halfback come loose forward and did play that role well. However this is why as a pure half back this mix in roles does not see him referred at the best half back the ABs have seen.

You will conclude this when you watch the games when George Greagan and Justin are matched up. George was just that much faster in recycling the ball in a free flowing movement. Justin was just too slow and pass was too short.

No matter, thanks for a fine service Justin. My bet his candid no sh*t approach to rugby will be very interesting when hear him on the TV.

Cheers dude !

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Ever wonder how Henry got noticed

Source: Top school’s coach barred


..”A rugby coach at an exclusive Auckland high school has been suspended for poaching a player from a poorer South Auckland school.

The suspension is part of a move by sport bosses to act on long-running concerns about the practice among secondary schools.

St Kentigern College 1st XV coach Tai Lavea – brother of former Auckland Blues star Tasesa Lavea – has been banned from any match day involvement with the team, after being found guilty of breaching tough recruitment bylaws to poach a player from Papatoetoe’s Aorere College.”..

COMMENTS: Graham Henry won many a secondary rugby school competition, and being a headmaster managed to do the exact same thing as the above. The rules weren’t around then, or if they were, they were not enforced. I remember seeing Henry sides play, and I always thought the beards on the players just suggest they were a little older than the rest of us, as Henry allowed critical players to repeat a senior year just until the rugby season end.

Don’t believe me, just examine Henry’s recruitment for the Welsh rugby side while he was in charge ( ak Granny gate).

Henry win at ‘any cost’ most likely cost us the rugby world cup in 2007. Players pulled from Super rugby, thus being under cooked for RWC. Refusing to stand back and let the players lead the game on the field, and insisting on radio link ups during the game. Like I said before the team that wins the RWC can self steer !

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Sonny Bill doesn’t have rugby mojo.

Source:  All Blacks want Sonny Bill asap

Wayne Smith should be gone, sent off to coach expats in Alaska.

Sonny Bill doesn’t have the strength of character or skill at the highest level to make a starting All Black role. If he had he would be talking to Brad Thorn and asking what it takes to follow down his road.

Sonny is dollars first, take the shirt off second, and be a poser third. He is three years at least behind Conrad Smith and Richard Kahui as a skilled center in the back line. And light years behind any half decent international forward.

More dumb thinking can be found here by Greg Ford promoting that Joe Rokocoko should to return to the All Blacks. Joe had a good game against, hmmm, the struggle to win a game ‘the force’.

What are we to do …

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

ABs: Weepu too FAT !


Weepu, the Ab’s second choice half back who’s form that has been lacking,  is a FATTY !

Half backs must be like spring chickens running around the paddock !

Weepu has not been doing the fitness work ! If he cant measure up he should not be in the squad !!

Too slow, due to too much weight, huff and puff around the paddock…dont believe me…watch the next game !

Monday, June 8th, 2009

More on Sonny Bill Williams..

Source: The next dotted line leads straight to Williams’ nation of choice – Brad Walter

With press like the above, no wonder SBW may thinks he’s an automatic selection for any national side.

Question: How many world cups did the All Blacks win, with Jona Lomu ?
Answer : ZERO.

Hell, I think the ABs only got to one World Cup Final with Jona, 1995 SA. So who is SBW kidding, let Aussie have him…. Then again Robbie Deans is the man to make Sonny Bill a great union player, that would be the only reason NZRU should sign him up. Robbie knows how to develop players. As SBW wants large coin, I would not be to keen on any long term contract.

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Sonny Bill Williams: Rugby Tart !


Image by : Getty Images

Source: Who wants to be a Wallaby?– Rupert Guinness

Sonny Bill Williams will play for the highest rugby dollar, that is the decision matrix for this athlete.

He has sent signals to Samoa, NZ and now Aussie that he can play for either in there National colors. I would think that his required annual pay packet would be in excess of $500,000 (NZD or AUD). The last two league converts that I know that were paid similar amounts were Loti Tuqiri and Mat Rogers, that latter didnt excel, the earlier did ok for a number of years. So that was more than a million bucks for these two players where that same funds could have secured 5 or 6 young 20 somethings with huge talent. Acorns that could grow into trees.

It would take a minimum of two full super rugby season for Sonny Bill to prove himself, and it could take 3 to 5 years to master the role of 13 in rugby union. NZRU has Conrad Smith and Richard Kahui, so why would the NZRU pay any large sum for Sonny Bill Williams on media potential and hype. Aussie if you want him, you can have him, let this be your gamble !

I personally think the lad is not to bright, and the best players on the international stage have brawn and (rugby) brians (and leadership skills), so for in excess of $500,000 I would like to see his high school results !

NZRU re signed Brad Thorn last year, and it took Brad two years to master his role in rugby union, and boy has it turned out well for NZRU. Brad has proved his skill on and off the field, he was prepared to do the hard yards before the national duties came along. This acorn has grown into a tree. So far Sonny Bill has not shown he wants to travel the same road. See ya SBW !

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Toeava: Has he changed ??


       ABs back line hopeful : Aucklands Toeava

Source: Toeava top attacking force in NZ rugby  – Greg Ford

His form this year has been so undeniably good that his name will be one of the first, if not the first, Graham Henry jots down when the time comes to name his All Blacks squad.

And statistics, known to heavily influence Henry’s selections, confirm Isaia “Ice” Toeava is becoming the single most potent attacking force in New Zealand rugby

COMMENTS: This is the same guy just a 6 months ago at Munster looked lost under pressure, and at the horrible loss at the world cup ran like a scared chicken. Has he changed ? I personal think this chap is a very slow at maturing in rugby leadership, some players just dont have the confidence until after about 6 to 8 years at the top of national rugby. I think he looks good when he plays the weaker teams, yet against hard competition just average. So we will have to see if this ‘marsh mellow’ has got a harder in the last 12 months. I guess ABs duty will expose him for better or worse, he sure has had enough chances. But he’s lucky as he is a Wayne Smith favourite.

Previous post: All Blacks should not be marsh mellows!

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Dan Carter chose not to play NPC final..WTF !

 Dan Carter believing his press, a big mistake !


Its 2008 Oct, and a top First Five said to the media he decided he would not be available for his province for the NPC final, after his coach expressed that he would like him to play. After speculation that the NZRU/Henry may have decided to rest him. They may have applied gentle pressure to confirm that if Dan made this ‘stand down’ decision that it was ok with them, with no future repercussions, making easier for Dan to ‘pass’ on the NPC final and open his Auckland undies shop, busy lad !

C Meads, T Norton, I Kirkpatrick, S Wilson, G Wylie : Did you guys hear that !

Some of the great men of yesteryear must be wondering what the f**k has happened to the attitudes of the players to the province that brought them up through the ranks. Answer : The EURO !

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Need new markets for new incomes streams, but…

Source: Super-sized Super 14 the saviour – Greg Ford

Nichol said the game was at a “crossroads” with rugby needing to expand into new markets to generate new income. He said if New Zealand wasn’t at the vanguard of change it risked losing an opportunity to create the premier rugby competition in the world.

“That’s the goal we need to achieve. If we [NZ] don’t, we risk becoming another Argentina or Pacific Island country, with all our players based overseas. We can’t let that happen. We need to embrace this change. The market for players is becoming more competitive every year so cutting down the amount of opportunities available just didn’t make sense strategically or financially.”

My Comments: Rob Nichol says we need to act or we may become a player feeder nation for other more wealth rugby nations. Tooooo late, New Zealand is a country that exports agriculture and interest rates we do nothing else, you can count the local billionaires on one hand, there is no wealth here. If you create new markets in Japan and USA then forget France as the nation who buys up the local ‘Lomus’, USA and Japan will be making huge offers that would make the french Toulon billionare look like a cheap skate.  A NZ player will be an All Black for a couple of years for CV value, then their gone for foreign exhange revenues, and how can you blame them, poor buggers.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Players Overseas – Even Scotland cant get its players !

Source: IRB step in to solve Scotland player row

Scottish Rugby lodged an official complaint with the IRB after Premier Rugby (PRL), the umbrella organisation representing Guinness Premiership teams, blocked players attending Monday’s first training session of the season at Murrayfield.

Premier Rugby insist they were within their rights to impose the blanket ban as they are only obliged to release players five days before an agreed quota of Test matches.

My Comments: Yeah, getting players from overseas would be real easy for the the All Blacks ! I think not ! Stupid idea ! Hell, if Scotland cant get its players out of England, what chance have the SRFU, ARU and NZRU have, none !