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Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Gareth Jones: Death from on field injury.


Source: Scrumhalf Gareth Jones dies after injuring neck in club match

A Neath rugby player has died in hospital after suffering an injury to his neck during a match on 20 April.

Scrum-half Gareth Jones, 28, was hurt at a ruck during a Premier Division game against Cardiff in the Arms Park, which Neath lost.

My Comments:  We love our rugby downunder, it is a sad day when a player looses his life playing this great game. Just a reminder to all who play, necks and heads must be given due care. Lets be careful out there !

All the best to the family.

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Rotation: Old dog, same trick!


Source: The return of rotation – Wynne Gray

Coach Graham Henry defended his policy of replacing players after such a decisive 37-20 victory in Auckland, as an investment for the start of the lengthy Tri-Nations tournament in a tick over a fortnight.

My Comments: A better investment would be more time building combinations in your best side, not your weakest.

Player combinations take many games to build, especially to handle pressure, just like in RWC finals. For example Conrad Smith and Ma’a Nonu have played two test matches together, and done well. Yet Conrad has been dropped from the squad for Richard Kahui, amazingly Conrad is not even on the bench.

Henry cant help himself, this is what happens when you don’t change your coach, he says he will change for better, but in the end he cant. It would be better to play 4 to 6 games with the best combination possible. There are 15 test matches this year for the ABs, I am sure bloody young players can be done latter after the best AB team is ‘well done’ (steak cooking analogy).

Sure there are no tours to blood young players, but you can use the bench after the game is near won to try out others.

 Rotation before the best team is well groomed is a mistake. AGAIN !


Source: ‘No rotating for Wallabies’ – Deans

Coach Robbie Deans has ruled out a rotation policy for the Wallabies despite the risk of player burn-out from a gruelling 15-Test schedule this year.

And despite concerns about the physical and mental toll on players following the Super 14 competition, Deans had no set plans to rest players.

“There will not be rotation as such,” Deans told AAP.

“There will be catering to our needs because we are not going to be looking ahead and putting less emphasis on what is immediately in front of us.

“We want to thrive in every instance.”

“Experience is valuable”

“I am not concerned about what has been, I am more concerned about what is coming.”

My Comments: O boy doesn’t this sound right, see what I mean about old dog same trick (Henry), Robbie Deans hasn’t won all those titles sitting on his arrrrse ! Then again is Deans doing the same thing as Henry but using smarter media spin, hmmm !


Source: Wrong time to split Smith and Nonu – Hart

But with the opening Tri-Nations test against South Africa looming (on July 5), Hart said he would not have split the Ma’a Nonu-Smith combination in midfield which was growing well.

” I would have given them as much football together as I could.

“They (the All Blacks coaching team) have obviously settled on them, they have done well, both have developed very well, I would have kept them together.

“I don’t see why we would play Richard Kahui when we are just trying to get a combination (going) and Conrad Smith is playing so well – I think there are some issues of rotation and some issues of their still trying to find who the best player is (for that position).”

My Comments:  I am not a huge fan of John ‘Been to RWC Twice for nothing’ Hart, but he has got this right ! Mid field is a vital combination, Deans knows this, and I bet he has this a possible attack point come Tri Nations. Remember Ma’a can’t kick, and can get communications a little confused. The two test matches played by Conrad and Ma’a have not been a great challenge to their mid field defensive skills, this exactly why they should have more time together. Or may maybe Henry will learn this when Mortlock sprints between Conrad and Ma’s and scores a match winning try!


Source:  Scene set for night full of fireworks – John Drake

Conrad Smith has revelled in consistent play with the Hurricanes and All Blacks. He is a heady player who complements those around him rather than dominating. Ma’a Nonu and the wings may miss his presence in Christchurch tomorrow night. Kahui has been on the selectors’ radar for some time and but for injuries would probably have been used earlier. I hope he is not another “project” like Isaia Toeava – thrown in the deep end without enough game time at the level below tests.

 Henry and Co will say they have little chance under the current structure to give the Kahuis of this world an opportunity other than in test matches. What a pity the New Zealand A and Juniors formats have been discarded as those are the places to blood up-and-comers and fringe players, not tests. The other alternative is to shuffle players between the All Blacks and the Maori team. I see Deans is doing something similar with Australia A and is resisting anything to do with rotation.

My Comments: Henry knows this, yet chose to ignore this advice. Once again you cant teach an old dog new tricks. Dam fool !

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

McAlister who, its the Ma’a show now !

      maa.jpg Ma’a Nonu on the right.

Ma’a has impressed twice, keep this up and Luke McAlister will go down as a very average All Black compared to Ma’a. You see, no one remembers those that dont play internationals. Players must choose between money now or lifetime reputation and money for ever. I refer you to Jona Lomu, do you think he would be a big as he is with out playing international rugby?

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Player Power vs NZRU


  • – Player Power/Agents: 1
  • – NZRU: 0

CARTER: Good luck Dan ! Internationals (most likely at the RWC 2011) and $$$$ not a bad deal for the next 4 years. Well done.

NZRU: Your one negotiating strength  (international selection) can now be down graded from stone to straw. Agents will huff and puff it down from now on, idiots.

The result should have been, stay or go for 4 years, that’s it. If he had gone his status would not reach the lofty heights of All Black great, sure he would be rich. Now he has a chance for both.

The next Lomu, Brook, Patrick, Kirwan, Jones can and will expect the same treatment. This new trend is here to stay.

Mr Tew and the board just hasn’t got large enough nuts to make the big calls. The jury is still out on Mr Tew, and this happened on his watch, so its not looking good.


Source: NZ public ‘out of love with All Blacks’ – British press

Meanwhile, the London Independent‘s rugby writer says the biggest issue New Zealand will face is the fallout from the decision to grant Daniel Carter the chance to play in Europe while still being eligible for the All Blacks.

‘By allowing (Carter) to stay on contract and remain a test candidate…the union has finally accepted that northern money calls the tune in modern-day rugby.

“Every employment lawyer from Whangarei to Invercargill is alert to the Carter affair, secure in the expectation that other celebrated All Blacks of the day will demand a piece of the same action.

“Heaven knows, the English do not have everything right. But in pure rugby terms, the red rose is enjoying a vastly better time of it than the silver fern,” he said.

 My Comments: The above is true.

“New Zealand rugby is at a crossroads,” wrote Alistair Eykyn of the BBC.

“The credibility of their national game is at stake. Defeat to England at Eden Park on Saturday night and the All Blacks may well consider themselves at crisis point,” he said.

My Comments: Piss Off !

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Player Power Wins, Tew needs to grow some !


Source: Carter’s deal a special case, says happy Henry– Duncan Johnstone

But the coach clearly doesn’t want to see a rash of players heading away on short-term deals and says measures need to be put in place to control that. [ME: ha ha ha, too late now !]

“I think you need to qualify (for a sabbatical). I think there needs to be some criteria … maybe a number of test matches, longevity in the All Blacks, that sort of thing,” said Henry.

What does Henry care about the long term effect of this deal, his only concern is winning back his reputation at the next world cup, after that, thats for the next poor bloke ! 

The lack of big nuts by Mr Tew and the NZRU will see in future years the top 5+ players off overseas in the immediate years after the world cup. Dan will be eligible for the All Blacks selection when he comes back, but will not be required to play in the preceding super 14 like his other team mates. Sure he could loose his position, but special deals like this is leaving the door wide open for hungry agents to work harder for more lucrative commissions. Damn NZRU fools ! This is why they couldn’t run a real business. I am sure the current local sponsors (Murdoch) are just rapt, (not) !

I guess sabbaticals will happen, but if the player does not return and play in the Super 14, how can match ups be viewed. Then the selectors personal bias allows an overseas player to walk into the All Blacks, where as currently a one on one contest allows the not in favor player to better the in favor player, and get selected based on true performance.

 All this fuss over Nick Evans, who cares, they guy doesnt know how to pass, its all me me with him ! Far to much media hype has gone to this guys head, hell let go now !

 Other posts on the subject: Dan Carter rule, very naughty!


Source: Carter Clause sure to irritate – Wynne Gray

Where there is money, more money, different rewards and criteria, there will be some resentment. The NZRU have done well if they have been able to stitch together some deal but no matter the wording of the press release, when Carter’s sabbatical is ratified, it means they have agreed to pick All Blacks from offshore.

How many other All Blacks would like a similar break and following Carter’s exemption, will feel they deserve the same treatment?

My Comments: Confirmation, thanks Wynne!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Look what the French clubs have done !


Source: Sonny Bill could switch codes within two weeks – manager

The manager of Bulldogs player Sonny Bill Williams says the Kiwis forward could walk out on rugby league within two weeks. 

Former Australia coach Eddie Jones said Williams could earn up to $800,000 (AUD)  a year if he headed to Europe.

Jes wayne, news that Dan Carter could earn $1,400,000 NZD for 6 months work in France has the league boys seriously re-thinking rugby union.

Funny that !