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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

NPC Conference Style, we like this better.

Source: The NPC format you wont see


– All 14 teams involved, all teams in one tier, split into two permanent conferences – ala the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB (pretty established and successful leagues) – of seven. Initial analysis sets up the following potential conference line-ups (there is some leeway for difference of opinion and arguments to slight changes to the conference make-up but let’s roll with this):

Waka Nathan Conference: Otago, Canterbury, Hawke’s Bay, Manawatu, Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Counties

Fred Allen Conference: Southland, Tasman, Wellington, Taranaki, Waikato, Harbour and Northland

– The regular season would consist of 10 regular season games (as the Players’ Association Plan calls for), so here’s how it would unfold:

– Six games against the teams within your conference and four from outside the conference.

One of those outside-conference games would be locked-in every year against a close traditional/geographical rival and the other three would be on rotation. -If you look at the composition of the conferences, the rivalry games are already laid out – Southland-Otago, Canterbury-Tasman, Wellington-Hawke’s Bay, Manawatu-Taranaki, Waikato-BOP, Auckland-Harbour and Counties-Northland (preferably all played in the same weekend – Rivalry Week – which would market itself and hook in the media and casual fans.

-A team would play three outside-conference teams one year, and the remaining three outside-conference teams the following year. So in a two-year cycle, teams would be guaranteed to play every team at least once. Because all teams are on the same tier, all points would count.

– After the regular season, there would be semifinals involving the two conferences winners and the two next best teams on points (this ensures a strong conference in a certain year won’t be disadvantaged by only having two semifinals spots). Ideally there would be six or eight teams involved in the playoffs, tacking on quarterfinals. Twist my arm and a regular season game could be sacrificed to see another two or four teams involved in the postseason.

The beauty of this plan is it keeps everyone involved in the title hunt from start to finish, prevents an ugly bidding war between chief executives keen to save their jobs by finishing in the top-seven, side-steps the horse-trading lunacy that would eventuate from the teams-selecting–their-opponents process. Plus there’s absolutely no reason this competition couldn’t go ahead in 2010.

Sure it’s not perfect. But then, perfection doesn’t exist in this situation.

COMMENTS: This is much better !

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

NPC Two Tier Contest..We like it..

Source: NPC to become Two Part Contest

1) Two 7 team levels, upper and lower.
2) Super rugby zones could end up in lower levels.
3) 4 cross over games between upper and lower levels.
4) All games in (3) and (1) carry championship points.
5) Immediate promotion and relegation between levels.
6) Salary cap lowered (based on provincial income).
7) Max player payments levels.
8.) After RWC, finals play off will be introduced.
9) Works with new Super 15.
10) TV revenue sharing.

COMMENTS: What will happen when there is a Super 18 ????? Great news that costs were negotiated down, and that Manawatu can still play Auckland in future years. This NPC format meets the player, fan and economic needs.

Funny how Mr Tew was not required for this NZRU/Collective agreement. He’s a gonna !

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Fans vs NZRU: Fans win !

Source: Provincial Rugby Format Unchanged

14 format NPC remains. Yippeeeee !!

COMMENTS: Get the costs down, and that includes that players salaries, after all its about the love of the game and not a new bed room added onto the house !!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

NZRU: Its a business, who cares about the game!

Source: NZRU accused of ruining the game – Newstalk ZB

New Zealand Rugby Union management have come under heavy fire from Counties Manukau chairman Matthew Newman.

The NZRU board will today debate whether to confirm a ten-team Air New Zealand Cup competition next year, despite legal challenges being issued by Tasman and Counties Manukau.

Newman says the NZRU top brass have no idea what they are doing to the game.

“If we look at the individuals running New Zealand rugby from a management point of view, they come from that professional piece of the game and what we have seen over this last several months is a complete lack of understanding and disconnection from rugby people”.

Newman says the ten-team situation has been ideologically driven as it is something that would clearly have the support of the “favoured” four or five teams.

Both Manawatu and Northland have undertaken legal advice but have confirmed they will wait until the NZRU board makes a decision before considering their next move.

COMMENTS: NZRU under Tew its profit before the people, and its this balance which is been tested today at the NZRU board. 10 or 14 teams in the NPC (whatever). The 14 team structure was much loved this year.

I suggest the cut the costs of players to make it work.

Friday, September 11th, 2009

ANZC: This is good !

Source: Robinson steers Stags to top of the table

Southland on top of the table ! What’s better for local rugby, than your provincial team leading the nation in the game for NZders !

A 14 team competition allows the right level of dilution of BEST players around the country so all have a chance to do well. The Super 14 unions dont hog all the best talent !

Sure there a behind the scenes issues with money and provincial CEO stupidity with a 14 team structure, but if the paying public like it, lets keep the ANZC (old NPC)  the way it is. Why not !