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NZRU: Its a business, who cares about the game!

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Source: NZRU accused of ruining the game – Newstalk ZB

New Zealand Rugby Union management have come under heavy fire from Counties Manukau chairman Matthew Newman.

The NZRU board will today debate whether to confirm a ten-team Air New Zealand Cup competition next year, despite legal challenges being issued by Tasman and Counties Manukau.

Newman says the NZRU top brass have no idea what they are doing to the game.

“If we look at the individuals running New Zealand rugby from a management point of view, they come from that professional piece of the game and what we have seen over this last several months is a complete lack of understanding and disconnection from rugby people”.

Newman says the ten-team situation has been ideologically driven as it is something that would clearly have the support of the “favoured” four or five teams.

Both Manawatu and Northland have undertaken legal advice but have confirmed they will wait until the NZRU board makes a decision before considering their next move.

COMMENTS: NZRU under Tew its profit before the people, and its this balance which is been tested today at the NZRU board. 10 or 14 teams in the NPC (whatever). The 14 team structure was much loved this year.

I suggest the cut the costs of players to make it work.

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