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Monday, October 24th, 2011

Message to FFR, how to win RWCs

Consider the facts..

Australia : 2x RWC
South Africa: 2x RWC
New Zealand: 2x RWC
England: 1x RWC

France have been to the RWC final 3 times and lost. They have great players and nouse of the game. Yet they fail to win. The only reason they do not win is because they play in a sub standard international competition, and thus lack the consistency to reproduce rugby at the highest level. Yes they can have the best game in the world, but they must do this more than once in a RWC.

NZ, AU and SF play in the TriNations, this keeps the rugby standard very high, more so than the teams in the six nations.

Argentina are joining the TriNations (FourNations) and you can bet they will improve.

France should resign from the Six nations and join the down under tournament and reap future RWC final wins. Hows that for an idea!

The facts are larger than the nose on your face.



Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

RWC Final All Blacks Vs France, ABs win 8-7



It was anyone’s game, a true tough physical contest. The best team of the tournament won.

Rugby union is the last true physical game of chess in world sport (with out helmets, and tights).

Well done the ABs.

Well done the French.

Well done NZ

Roll on England 2015

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Hail Caesar, Hail Weepu !

Piri Weepu, True All Black Rugby Hero of RWC 2011

The seen was set for a hero to arise from the ashes in the RWC 2011 quarter final ABs vs Argentina. Prior to the game the number one in the world Abs 1st five ‘Dan Carter’ was out with injury, the new replacement would be Colin Slade. The nation was nervous, a green first five in a tough game and we remember the misfortune of RWC 2007 were the ABs lost to France.

Shortly into the game, Colin Slade leaves the field with injury. The nation reached the height of anxiety. Gasp!

The first five position is one of leadership and direction, many a game has been lost with poor first five game management, more so in tough RWC games.

The scene was set for a leader to emerge, a Caesar. Step up Piri Weepu. Who kick goals, directed field play around the field like it was his kingdom, the nation watched in awe a true rugby hero stood up and took charge. The day was won.

The best compliment the New Zealand Rugby public can do to such a player is post positive puns about the man deeds.

In short he was awesome, rugby world take note!


* Piri Weepu destroyed the periodic table because Piri Weepu only recognises the element of surprise …

* Piri Weepu can touch MC Hammer

* Piri Weepu and Mr T walked into a bar. The bar was instantly destroyed, as that level of awesomeness cannot be contained in one building.

*Google won’t search for Piri Weepu because it knows you don’t find Piri Weepu, he finds you.

* Piri Weepu ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.

* Some people wear Superman pyjamas. Superman wears Piri Weepu pyjamas.

* It takes Piri Weepu 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.

* If you spell Piri Weepu in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

* It takes Piri Weepu 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.

* Some people wear Superman pyjamas. Superman wears Piri Weepu pyjamas.

* Piri Weepu can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves.

* Piri Weepu can slam a revolving door.

* Piri Weepu doesn’t wear a watch. He decides what time it is.

* If at first you don’t succeed, you’re not Piri Weepu.

* Piri Weepu once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell him there was a stripper in it.




Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

RWC 2011, France to win


RWC 2011 French coach, and also the 1999 mastermind behind the All Blacks defeat in the semi final.

What if ALL BLACKS win:

1) Our 2nd RWC cup win in 24 years

2) The nation will be happy

3) Players will be applauded


What if France win:

1) The French players will be immortals forever, their names will be remember like Ceaser. True Hero’s !

2) France first RWC cup.


The New Zealand Tab are paying $7 for a French win, and $1.05 for an AB win.

My bank account says take the $7 odds. My heart says go the ABs.

Yes I am worried, why the French have done it to the ABs twice before, and third time would be just messy.

Go the ABs.




Sunday, October 9th, 2011

RIP: 10 Man Rugby, RWC 2011

The place: Rugby World Cup 2011 Auckland,  New Zealand

The time: October 2011 8th and 9th

The reason: The only teams the made it through to RWC semi finals are those that run at the opposition with phase play compared to those teams that resort to a kicking game as a form of attack.

Ireland, England, Scotland failed at this world cup because they DO NOT promote and develop running rugby.  I know they have the players, we have seen them in their sevens sides, yet the national coaches have not made the cross over. England have a fantastic sevens team.



Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Nope, No thanks, Nada, Hell No, No Way

Carl ‘too slow’ Hayman

Nick  ‘never passes’ Evans

Do we want Nick Evans and Carl Hayman join the ABs in RWC?


 The Franks brothers and Steven Brett are doing just fine !

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

ABs Bad Omens for RWC 2011..


Rugby World Cup 2011

Its not all that great news for the ABs chances.

Here is why: Lack of mental focus !

“How can you say that !”..the reader says

Well consider this..

1) The ABs are ranked the number 1 team in the world today, this is the same as all previous RWC’s.

2) The praise, and it will be cheap, will conclude the ABs as having already won the cup before the very first kick off.

3) Players are already checking out high paying contracts around the world.

4) Henry’s coaching mob have little to add to this side, what you see is all you are going to get.

5) When you are on top of the heap the hunger for those below you is intense to knock you off: France 2007, Australia 2004, France 2001…


Henry’s mob must run the B team a few times in the Tri Nations, this means a few losses. This also means the A team will have a little doubt in their minds to remind them of the horrible ghosts of 2007,2004 and 2001 RWC’s.

God help them if the AB’s get knocked out before the final ….

Friday, October 1st, 2010

This is why the All Blacks lose at RWCups!

Source: Abundant talent in Eastern Europe says McDowell

So why have the All Blacks crashed at the Rugby World Cups, except for 1987…Steve McDowell former RWC winning team member may have hit the nail on the head.

1) In 1987 that he said they didn’t have contract negotiations going on during the tournament. Which is true, rugby was not professional back then , and as the ABs have been the number 1 ranked team before all RWC the approaches from northern rugby clubs to BUY the ABs was full on !

2) Shagging girlfriends. After all the ABs are red blooded, and the wives need the attention. I think Steve is saying he had many a dry night during RWC 1987, and that frustration was taken out on opposing teams rather than the missus ! 

3) Complacency ruined the AB game. Well cant argue with that ! Winning 105 nil vs Japan or Portugal is not something that keeps the mind focused, when your next game is France or England.

Steve says..“New Zealand have struggled in every World Cup since 1987, they always came close but never close enough and one of the reasons was that a lot of players were getting distracted with signing new club contracts during the tournament.

H”The other is that complacency crept in during pool matches against inferior rivals, as if the preliminary stage was a buildup for the World Cup and not the real thing itself.

“You can’t win the tournament with an attitude like that and having your girlfriends around during the World Cup also doesn’t help, it’s six weeks of hard work and you gave to go out there and win every game by the biggest margin you can.”…

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

NZ RWC 2011 Profiteering: Go for it !

Source: Rugby profiteering will hurt NZ


..” Either the seller meets the buyer or the buyer will go elsewhere or not come at all.”..

COMMENTS: No matter what you charge, give the buyer a fair service for the RWC period. But make sure you do profit and well at that, after all the NZRU and its unions have been fleecing the NZ rugby public ever since rugby went professional.

Some examples

1) Charging full prices for test matches at night in June/July.
2) $40 plus for a super rugby game for average seats.
3) Charging kids too much for the cheap seats.

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

RWC Winning Team: Common Theme.

Well just thinking here.

What are the common themes a RWC winning team have in the 80 minutes of the RWC final…that matter.

In order of importance.

1) They self steer: What does this mean! This means the players on the ground know what to do to manipulate the game on the field to score or get out of trouble. They do NOT have puppet strings via radio and other walk on instructions to tell them what to do. The on field leadership move the team to the type of play and tactics required. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR.

2) Leadership: Sure the RWC winning captain gets all the pictures and holds the cup up, but thats not the leadership of a team, is the captain, forward leader, halfback, backs leader: basically senior players leading the way. You cant do (1) without (2).

3) On the field: Well you cant do (1) if (2) are injured or replaced.

Where do I see these traits 12 months out of RWC 2011.

France:  As a kiwi these guys are the best chance to role the ABs and/or win RWC. Why ! Well the have nothing to lose when they play the ABs and they are heros when they win. Also they nearly won a series downunder in 2009, won six nations 2010. The ABs have a 50/50 win loss ratio with France, and its worse as we know with RWC games. Dont mention RWC 2007 !

South Africa: Well they beat us, the ABs,  3-0 in 2009. Won the last RWC and will have Victor Matfield and RWC 2011. What more do you need to know.

What about the ABs.

Well sorry, I still see Richie McCaw as a puppet leader, yes he can lead on the field, yet when it comes to tight test matches the coach in the stand via radio and run on field instructions interrupts they much needed leadership on the field. Of course I hope Richie grows some seriously mean Zinzan balls, and says ‘F**k Off where doing it thus way !” to the next radio instruction from up on high. We shall see…

Friday, March 13th, 2009

RWC 9.00pm Finals Kick Offs: What does this mean !

Source: IRB insistent on late kickoffs for World Cup – Marc Hinton

International Rugby Board chief executive Mike Miller has confirmed the controversial late kickoff times for feature matches at the 2011 World Cup were a non-negotiable in discussions with New Zealand organisers.

Dear ‘World Rugby Fan’ when you watch the finals at the RWC 2011 you cant blame the NZ organisers for the poor rugby conditions. As the finals will be played between 9.00 and 10.30pm mid October 2011 (Semis on the 15/16th, final on the 23rd), I can tell you for a dead cert that the last 30 minutes of the game will make the out come a pure lottery. Why, the night dew on the ball will make it slippery thus knock ons will be high in number, and if you dont have a kicker with an 80% strike rate you will loose. If your team is a running side (say NZ) then you better be up 20 points with 30 minutes to go, if you are a tight five team (say England) then get to the last 30 minutes and be with 10 points, as you will have a real chance.

It would have to be a very warm day in October to secure excellent rugby conditions, and that’s not likely, and god help the playing conditions if it’s a poor day, it will be like playing rugby in South Island mid july (even though final is in Auckland in October). The ignorance of the IRB concerning the late night rugby conditions in October at Auckland, will more than likely to prove to be a huge mistake. I would put the odds at 20% of a excellent conditions at the 9.00pm kick off. I know I have lived in Auckland for 22 years. The night dew and cold chill will effect the game to the negative, and thats if the preceding day was fine, if the preceding day was wet well the ground will be a slippery rugby slide and fun for no one.

Thats why if you pay $1000 (??) for finals tickets you taking a huge risk, so good luck.

Seriously whats wrong with 7.30pm kick offs.

The New Zealand time of 7.30 pm the 23rd October 2011 (RWC Final) is around the world is:

  • – Dublin –  7.30 am
  • – London –  7.30 am
  • – Paris –  8.30 am
  • – Moscow –  10.30 am
  • – CapeTown –  8.30 am
  • – Sydney – 5.30 pm
  • – Tokyo – 3.30 pm

Can’t the Northern rugby fans wake up earlier than 7.30 am, of course they can !! Hell to catch the train to work you need to be up a 5.30am ! Who is the IRB kidding !!

UPDATE1: Apparently NZ daylight savings is on for the finals. So thats better, but not way better. But I concede, it is better. The above times for the world cities was calculated with DST in mind. (See

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Heeees here ! (Ref Wayne Barnes)

Wayne Barnes Ref All Blacks vs France RWC Quarter finals – France won. Soon to ref the ABs vs Scotland this Saturday.

Dear Mr Barnes,

Are you aware that the All Black coach ‘Mr Henry’ displayed 35 minutes of your referring performance to the NZRU coach appointment committee, allowing him the ultimate excuse for his failed RWC 2007 campaign. A campaign that cost the NZRU $4 million dollars and much embarrassment. The fault was yours not his, Mr Henry proclaimed! This argument ultimately secure his re appointment.

Are you also aware that you were judged harshly, and some feel the touch judges should have been more proactive in providing you more guidance in offsides and forward passes as your were a junior international referee at the time and the modern game has proven to fast for a single referee to make all the correct calls.

And finally, maybe the wrong call of the complete RWC was by Paddy O’Brien to advise the touch judges to be less advisory to the referee in all RWC games. A call that didn’t not recognise the step up in pace from the RWC round robin games to the RWC final games, where more controlled advice to the ref in the middle was absolutely critical. I am sure that you noticed the number of extra calls that were made buy the touch judges after the ABs quarter final. Noticeably the many forward passes made by England (Aussie vs England quarter final) that were called back. One can only conclude that Paddy O’Brien realised his massive f**k up, and fixed it within 24 hours.

But I do hope that you are a little fitter this time around, and the microphone works well between you and your assistant referees (touch judges for those over 40) so we can all have a good game.

God Bless, from one kiwi who thinks there were more New Zealanders involved in the ABs RWC disaster than a single Welshman.



Saturday, July 12th, 2008

All Blacks(28) vs Springboks(30): ABs do a Veitch !


Via a domestic violence scandal Radio/TV Tony Veitch  will lose it all.

The All Blacks last 10 minutes was a major write off, nothing short of disaster. Just like the RWC 2007 quarter final, on the field replacements (injury or tactically) drastically reduced their ability to be effective under huge pressure. The last 10 minutes saw the Boks out think us, out passion us, when there captain was sin binned they stood up like King Leonidas versus the Persians (300 Movie) .

                     loan5003.jpg Truely heroic !

The last 10 minutes saw the ABs loose a critical lineout on the Boks 5m line, loose possession in the tackle several times and a failed drop goal attempt. Sure the first 70 minutes was a fair contest, but the last 10 minutes was not fair, ABs had the advantage, then they did a ‘Veitch’ (lost it all).

This year you cant expect the ABs to have an unbeaten record because too many players with experience have gone to northern sides.  I am willing to go through the drought while new talent is brought up to standard and I will in no way agree to the call to strengthen the squad with overseas players. In rugby these days it’s about overall squad ability and the ABs have a good ‘A’ side and a not so good ‘B’ side. Some of the players in the ‘B’ side did not stand up and were not All Black grade.

As a Coach you learn the most about your players when your side is going backwards. This was very true in the last 10 minutes, because it was 14 vs 15 players and we were leading by 5 points. The Boks turned this around and won the match.

Some ABs need a re think ..

Keven Mealamu:The real bad, lineout throws were too low, he stood too wide around the ruck allowing Ricky Januarie in the gate for match winning try, to me he looks a little heavy and slow, just not fit enough. In the last 10 minutes his play contributed to the defeat more than others. Once he was a first pick, now I think he should be replaced. Then again the coach did sub off Andrew Hore, why, rotation !

Jerome Kaino: Needs to ‘Zinny’ or a ‘Buck’ up quick. He had a great chance to step up, as the AB second row was very very green, yet he was missing in action. Yes he was ok in lineouts and back of scrum, but that’s not enough. Needs a kick up the jacksee or he’s gone.

Ma’a Nonu:Yes, after a series of very good games, losing critcal possession twice in the last 1o minutes was very poor. His bad game can still surface, he needs to play for 80 minutes in every game at the highest standard. 10 laps around the field !

Sitiveni Sivivatu: In the last two games he has been replaced twice for a player (Leon MacDonald) with a running and kicking game. Playing a strong defensive side seams to highlight his lack of test playing skills (no kicking game). No room for a one trick pony in international rugby. Maybe Leon will be starting in the games to come. Find new blood !

ABs Tight Five: The Bok tight five are big, strong and they won the second half. The number of ABs test caps was partly the problem. The ABs baby locks (Boric and O’Neill) are still in international rugby pre school and it showed. Having Brad and Ali (hope) starting is essential to this years AB’s success.

Coaches: Why, please tell me why, with 10 minutes to go you sub off your performing hooker (Hore) for a cold player (Mealamu), when you only winning by 5 points. The hooker (and halfback) are too critical to the sides performance to be subbed off in a tight game. Henry does not read the tea leaves, this is one skill Deans has mastered better. Old dog same tricks !

On the plus side Carter, Smith, Afoa, Hore, Wolf, Ellis (just), Lauakai stood up. Yes I have bagged the last two, and yes they are getting better, but their on ‘watch’ !

I remember the days when the ABs forwards and Grant Fox could execute a last minute drop goal with ease. In recent times under great pressure we have failed to do this. One of the reasons is player rotation, that’s because in training you never know what combination of players you will have on the field in the last 5 minutes, so how can your rehearse it. In game rotation should be used very carefully.

The Dunedin game was about the RWC Boks showing after being ambushed in the first test, that they have what it takes to win on tour, they must be favorites to win the Tri Nations. The ABs have been exposed, the Aussies have a real chance of plucking the Bledisloe Cup from us ! The thinking power of Henry and Deans will be the greatest show in town over the next couple of months, will ‘international newcomer’ Deans show up the ‘old dog’ Henry, time will tell. Lets hope the Dunedin game will be the catalyst for much smarter thinking in the AB camp. This was the type of game we need before the RWC 2007 world cup, and damn good reality check !

This was truly a great historic win for the Boks, and we let them have it, how is said, the ABs snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Go the ABs, two weeks to sharpen up, no more Veitch’s !!

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Stand up and listen to Rob Andrew, he’s got it right !


Source: Andrew taunts Kiwis about World Cup ‘obsession’ – Rob Andrew

“There is an obsession with the World Cup and we are now in the country that has the biggest obsession of all,” he said.

“Why haven’t they won the title since 1987? Because they’re too obsessed.

It takes an unusually bold variety of Englishman to stroll into All Black country, where the red rose army have achieved the grand total of two test victories in the 45 years since they first paid a visit, and tell his hosts where they are going wrong on the World Cup front.