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RWC 9.00pm Finals Kick Offs: What does this mean !

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Source: IRB insistent on late kickoffs for World Cup – Marc Hinton

International Rugby Board chief executive Mike Miller has confirmed the controversial late kickoff times for feature matches at the 2011 World Cup were a non-negotiable in discussions with New Zealand organisers.

Dear ‘World Rugby Fan’ when you watch the finals at the RWC 2011 you cant blame the NZ organisers for the poor rugby conditions. As the finals will be played between 9.00 and 10.30pm mid October 2011 (Semis on the 15/16th, final on the 23rd), I can tell you for a dead cert that the last 30 minutes of the game will make the out come a pure lottery. Why, the night dew on the ball will make it slippery thus knock ons will be high in number, and if you dont have a kicker with an 80% strike rate you will loose. If your team is a running side (say NZ) then you better be up 20 points with 30 minutes to go, if you are a tight five team (say England) then get to the last 30 minutes and be with 10 points, as you will have a real chance.

It would have to be a very warm day in October to secure excellent rugby conditions, and that’s not likely, and god help the playing conditions if it’s a poor day, it will be like playing rugby in South Island mid july (even though final is in Auckland in October). The ignorance of the IRB concerning the late night rugby conditions in October at Auckland, will more than likely to prove to be a huge mistake. I would put the odds at 20% of a excellent conditions at the 9.00pm kick off. I know I have lived in Auckland for 22 years. The night dew and cold chill will effect the game to the negative, and thats if the preceding day was fine, if the preceding day was wet well the ground will be a slippery rugby slide and fun for no one.

Thats why if you pay $1000 (??) for finals tickets you taking a huge risk, so good luck.

Seriously whats wrong with 7.30pm kick offs.

The New Zealand time of 7.30 pm the 23rd October 2011 (RWC Final) is around the world is:

  • – Dublin –  7.30 am
  • – London –  7.30 am
  • – Paris –  8.30 am
  • – Moscow –  10.30 am
  • – CapeTown –  8.30 am
  • – Sydney – 5.30 pm
  • – Tokyo – 3.30 pm

Can’t the Northern rugby fans wake up earlier than 7.30 am, of course they can !! Hell to catch the train to work you need to be up a 5.30am ! Who is the IRB kidding !!

UPDATE1: Apparently NZ daylight savings is on for the finals. So thats better, but not way better. But I concede, it is better. The above times for the world cities was calculated with DST in mind. (See

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