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These people are BLOG HEROS as there ‘rugby thinking’ have been in accordance with the ‘Rugby Philosophy’ of this blog. These people have put the philosophy of rugby before any other influences of money, sponsors and other selfish interests.

The list..


Ian McGeeChan – Former Scotland player and coach, and former British and Irish Lions coach.

Blog Posts: 
ELVs – Hail the New Caesar


“My concern is that we will end up playing one type of game, that the variety and depth of options which the game has always had will be taken away,”

Coaching guru Ian McGeechan fears the ELVs have the potential to ruin rugby’s traditional qualities.

Laurie Mains – Former All Black player and coach.

Blog Posts: 
Mains is soo fooking correct!
Its Like League


 …”If the aim of these laws was to speed the game up then they’ve succeeded. But the real concern I have is rugby is looking more like league every year.”…

The defensive lines in rugby are now akin to league and I feel the game is getting choked.

..”If we went back five years and reinstated the laws to allow rucking, I believe we’d have a solution. With the greater skill and fitness we see in players today we’d have a fantastic game“…

“If the lawmakers would get their act together and go back and look at rugby when it was a great game and use that as a starting point and get rid of this debacle that we have around the tackle area, and get forwards involved instead of having them as defenders out in the backline, then we could get back to the great game that we used to know,”

The ELVs are not working. The idea is fine but under the current law and with a lack of rucking and a lack of driving in our forwards and the debacle that is the tackle, the ELVs are not a band aid on it really.”

Wynne Gray –  NZ Herald – Senior Rugby writer

Blog Posts: 
Revolution, down with ELVs, thank god!


The continuing emasculation of forward play is the worst part about the modern game

But the ruck, the section of rugby which defined its character and created space, has been eroded. That disintegration may have pleased queasy parents and nations who were not as adept at rucking as their New Zealand counterparts, but it is the blight in the modern game.

Lawmakers have made rucking so hazardous they may as well have banned it. Rugby has suffered subsequently.



Stephen Jones – The Times (UK) –  Senior Rugby Writer

Blog Posts:
Stephen Jones – Comments this week
ELVs: Its Over There Gone..The word is!
ELVs: SARFU broke SANZAR ranks, consorted with the North! 


..”Every player in Britain I have heard offering an opinion is against the ELVs, even the few that are going to be trialled. There is a great political correctness around now under which everyone is the Southern Hemisphere is frowned upon if they dare to suggest the new laws are not brilliant.”..

…””Rugby is meant to be a game of chess, and we are in danger of turning it into draughts.”…


Inga the Winga – Ex All Black and out spoken (all the time) !

Blog Posts:
ELVs: Inga likes the ruck, that should seal it !

..”A big point about the impact of rucking is that it discourages players from illegally slowing the ball down in the first place because they know the consequences of getting their bodies or hands in the wrong place.”…

Ron Andrew – RFU Elite Rugby Director (ex England player)

Blog Posts:
ELVs: Four Hero administrators !

For pulling together the “Six Nations Voice’ and defeating foolish ELV motions at the IRB meeting.

..”The RFU, who carried out an extensive consultation with clubs and players at every level of the game and technical analysis of 153 matches from competitions around the world”…

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