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Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Dear Aussie Rugby Fan.

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How to win rugby games?

7-0 vs the All Blacks.


Well I can say that if a team is losing to another team on consecutive meetings then the issue are:

1) 70% of the fault lies with players numbered 1 to 8: Winning structured plays (scrums, lineouts, kick offs, mauls) is critical to supply the main decision makers with the ball so the can execute the game plan. Winning the breakdown these days is a team effort, but having the heavy and stronger forwards at the breakdown gives you better than even odds of winning here as well. So forwards share most if not all this burden as well.

2) With (1)  included, 85% of the fault lies with players numbered 1 to 10. Getting the ball and knowing what to do with it is critical. Execution of the play is critical to success.

So Aussie fan you aren’t going to start winning until your forwards start winning.

That goes for the ABs as well when they next face the BOKs (3-0 vs All Blacks). The BOKs must be the ‘undisputed world forward champions’ at the moment.

Rugby is that simple,  ‘forwards’ determine the victory.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Denver, the ABs second home…for the bucks

The ‘Mile High’ Stadium : Capacity 80,000, home to the AFL Denver Broncos.

Is this where the ABs will stave off recession concerns, [Note: the fact that the NZUSD is now $0.51 @ 20090205 so that the Adidas payments are twice as large]. But we must also consider the ARFU and they are in deep financial poo, player wage cuts, losses from domestic failed season programs. So expect at least a 3 year deal for the Bledisloe cup clash.

Mind you, what a rugby trip, snow skiing oustide Denver is great, rugby on the weekend. That’s a plus.

Can you imagine ABs on Hollywood duties in a couple of years, photos of Paris Hilton and Dan Carter seen at local night club in LA…oh god that’s not a plus.

UPDATE: The arictle below suggest that the return for the NZRU alone would be around $6,000,000 NZD, so it’s gonna happen…

Source: Bledisloe Cup’s American debut nears – Neil Reid

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Heeees here ! (Ref Wayne Barnes)

Wayne Barnes Ref All Blacks vs France RWC Quarter finals – France won. Soon to ref the ABs vs Scotland this Saturday.

Dear Mr Barnes,

Are you aware that the All Black coach ‘Mr Henry’ displayed 35 minutes of your referring performance to the NZRU coach appointment committee, allowing him the ultimate excuse for his failed RWC 2007 campaign. A campaign that cost the NZRU $4 million dollars and much embarrassment. The fault was yours not his, Mr Henry proclaimed! This argument ultimately secure his re appointment.

Are you also aware that you were judged harshly, and some feel the touch judges should have been more proactive in providing you more guidance in offsides and forward passes as your were a junior international referee at the time and the modern game has proven to fast for a single referee to make all the correct calls.

And finally, maybe the wrong call of the complete RWC was by Paddy O’Brien to advise the touch judges to be less advisory to the referee in all RWC games. A call that didn’t not recognise the step up in pace from the RWC round robin games to the RWC final games, where more controlled advice to the ref in the middle was absolutely critical. I am sure that you noticed the number of extra calls that were made buy the touch judges after the ABs quarter final. Noticeably the many forward passes made by England (Aussie vs England quarter final) that were called back. One can only conclude that Paddy O’Brien realised his massive f**k up, and fixed it within 24 hours.

But I do hope that you are a little fitter this time around, and the microphone works well between you and your assistant referees (touch judges for those over 40) so we can all have a good game.

God Bless, from one kiwi who thinks there were more New Zealanders involved in the ABs RWC disaster than a single Welshman.



Saturday, June 7th, 2008

NZ Night Rugby in June July, Please stop it!

The New Zealand time of 7.30 pm Saturday (test match kick off), is:

  • – Dublin – Sat 8.30 am
  • – London – Sat 8.30 am
  • – Paris – Sat 9.30 am
  • – Moscow – Sat 11.30 am

So why cant the NZRU and the broadcasters re schedule the kick off to New Zealand time 4.30 pm (or 5.30pm). This will allow more chance to avoid such bad weather the Ireland vs AB game was played in.

The northern rugby fans wont mind getting up a 6.30 am.

Mr Tew (CEO NZRU) said “Win back the Fans!”, well he missed this stella idea.

Maybe there will be press release in the next couple of days, with news of this, wait and see.

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Tri Nations out, something else in, Please !


Source: Where to next ? – Jim Kayes


For a long time one solution had seemed simple.

Create a longer Super competition with the Air New Zealand Cup played at the same time as a feeder competition, leaving plenty of time afterwards for test matches and a decent break over summer.

There you go – problem solved.

It could be argued that South Africa should be excluded from a revamped Super competition. Games in South Africa don’t suit New Zealand and Australian television audiences and the travel for teams is arduous.

The South African sides have largely failed on the field, with the Bulls’ win last year their first title, while the poor crowds they attract in New Zealand suggests Kiwis are not enthralled by the style of rugby they play.

But South Africa is a massive rugby nation and helps deliver a credible product to the broadcaster. It would not be cast aside lightly.

That said, the Tri-Nations is a tired product, with the third round added in 2006 failing to excite punters.

It should be scrapped, or radically trimmed so that tours with midweek games can be re-introduced – a concept that for now collides headfirst with a full calendar.

Ideally an international Super Six or Eight could be played two years after each World Cup with the longer tours held during the “off” years.

It might be back to the future but it’s what people want.

Club rugby can be played while the Super competition is on and flow into the domestic competition, just as the Super tournament will lead into the tests.

Read this with Wynne Gray’s Super Rugby idea HERE

I wonder if the NZRU reads this stuff?