Thursday, February 5th, 2009...6:51 am

Denver, the ABs second home…for the bucks

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The ‘Mile High’ Stadium : Capacity 80,000, home to the AFL Denver Broncos.

Is this where the ABs will stave off recession concerns, [Note: the fact that the NZUSD is now $0.51 @ 20090205 so that the Adidas payments are twice as large]. But we must also consider the ARFU and they are in deep financial poo, player wage cuts, losses from domestic failed season programs. So expect at least a 3 year deal for the Bledisloe cup clash.

Mind you, what a rugby trip, snow skiing oustide Denver is great, rugby on the weekend. That’s a plus.

Can you imagine ABs on Hollywood duties in a couple of years, photos of Paris Hilton and Dan Carter seen at local night club in LA…oh god that’s not a plus.

UPDATE: The arictle below suggest that the return for the NZRU alone would be around $6,000,000 NZD, so it’s gonna happen…

Source: Bledisloe Cup’s American debut nears – Neil Reid

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