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RWC Winning Team: Common Theme.

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Well just thinking here.

What are the common themes a RWC winning team have in the 80 minutes of the RWC final…that matter.

In order of importance.

1) They self steer: What does this mean! This means the players on the ground know what to do to manipulate the game on the field to score or get out of trouble. They do NOT have puppet strings via radio and other walk on instructions to tell them what to do. The on field leadership move the team to the type of play and tactics required. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR.

2) Leadership: Sure the RWC winning captain gets all the pictures and holds the cup up, but thats not the leadership of a team, is the captain, forward leader, halfback, backs leader: basically senior players leading the way. You cant do (1) without (2).

3) On the field: Well you cant do (1) if (2) are injured or replaced.

Where do I see these traits 12 months out of RWC 2011.

France:  As a kiwi these guys are the best chance to role the ABs and/or win RWC. Why ! Well the have nothing to lose when they play the ABs and they are heros when they win. Also they nearly won a series downunder in 2009, won six nations 2010. The ABs have a 50/50 win loss ratio with France, and its worse as we know with RWC games. Dont mention RWC 2007 !

South Africa: Well they beat us, the ABs,  3-0 in 2009. Won the last RWC and will have Victor Matfield and RWC 2011. What more do you need to know.

What about the ABs.

Well sorry, I still see Richie McCaw as a puppet leader, yes he can lead on the field, yet when it comes to tight test matches the coach in the stand via radio and run on field instructions interrupts they much needed leadership on the field. Of course I hope Richie grows some seriously mean Zinzan balls, and says ‘F**k Off where doing it thus way !” to the next radio instruction from up on high. We shall see…

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