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This is why the All Blacks lose at RWCups!

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Source: Abundant talent in Eastern Europe says McDowell

So why have the All Blacks crashed at the Rugby World Cups, except for 1987…Steve McDowell former RWC winning team member may have hit the nail on the head.

1) In 1987 that he said they didn’t have contract negotiations going on during the tournament. Which is true, rugby was not professional back then , and as the ABs have been the number 1 ranked team before all RWC the approaches from northern rugby clubs to BUY the ABs was full on !

2) Shagging girlfriends. After all the ABs are red blooded, and the wives need the attention. I think Steve is saying he had many a dry night during RWC 1987, and that frustration was taken out on opposing teams rather than the missus ! 

3) Complacency ruined the AB game. Well cant argue with that ! Winning 105 nil vs Japan or Portugal is not something that keeps the mind focused, when your next game is France or England.

Steve says..“New Zealand have struggled in every World Cup since 1987, they always came close but never close enough and one of the reasons was that a lot of players were getting distracted with signing new club contracts during the tournament.

H”The other is that complacency crept in during pool matches against inferior rivals, as if the preliminary stage was a buildup for the World Cup and not the real thing itself.

“You can’t win the tournament with an attitude like that and having your girlfriends around during the World Cup also doesn’t help, it’s six weeks of hard work and you gave to go out there and win every game by the biggest margin you can.”…

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