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Financial Advice to Professional Rugby Players

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How many times do you here it, a current wealthy rugby player invest in a business (while still playing) as loses his monies

Recent years, I can recall trouble for these stars:
1) John Kirwan: Lighting business
2) Dan Carter: Clothes Retail
3) Andrew Merthens: Bar

Financial Advice for Rugby Players

1) DO NOT INVEST in any business why you are playing the game.
2) DO NOT lend any money to FAMILY, ever !
3) DO NOT live an expensive lifestyle.
4) DO NOT let divorce make you poor.

Do this…
1) It takes years to learn how to profit with investments and business, take your time.
2) You must learn how to read the economic cycle.
3) You must learn how to decifer the bullshit in financial reporting in the media and other financial promotions.
4) BEWARE of those that give you FREE advice.
5) BEWARE of those that give you paid advice and are not following it themselves.

When you do start to invest: Leave 70% of your capital in the bank as rarely do the first ventures work out !

Good Luck !

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