Sunday, October 10th, 2010...9:46 am

Sonny Bill Williams Update…

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I have watch a couple of games with SBW playing for Canterbury in the ITM cup or NZ National Rugby Championship.

With out a doubt he is strong lad, he would get direct entry into the NZ arm wrestling team or (The Black Wrists.. ha). So far I have seen him do two good things for two bad, which is were Ma Nonu was about 3 years ago. He is good and improving,  yet I feel we wont know anything until mid Super Rugby season 2011. I do agree he will go on the 2010 ABs year end tour, as McAlister is out of all rugby with a broken jaw.

The Ma Nonu and Conrad Smith combination is rock solid and the combination I would have when the  All Blacks are down 10-13 with 10 minutes to go in the Rugby World Cup final.

SBW is very good over 10 meters, just like Ma Nonu, SBW is slow over 50 meters, just like Ma Nonu, however Ma Nonu has more time in the black jersey than SBW will ever get before RWC,  and that matters.

If Ma Nonu breaks a leg before RWC 2010 then SBW could be a starter if he has a stella Super Rugby 2011 season. We must just wait and see. Then again SBW has a track record for breaking down himself.

I have said in the past SBW could be a dud, so far I have eaten half of the humble pie, but not all yet…

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