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ABs Bad Omens for RWC 2011..

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Rugby World Cup 2011

Its not all that great news for the ABs chances.

Here is why: Lack of mental focus !

“How can you say that !”..the reader says

Well consider this..

1) The ABs are ranked the number 1 team in the world today, this is the same as all previous RWC’s.

2) The praise, and it will be cheap, will conclude the ABs as having already won the cup before the very first kick off.

3) Players are already checking out high paying contracts around the world.

4) Henry’s coaching mob have little to add to this side, what you see is all you are going to get.

5) When you are on top of the heap the hunger for those below you is intense to knock you off: France 2007, Australia 2004, France 2001…


Henry’s mob must run the B team a few times in the Tri Nations, this means a few losses. This also means the A team will have a little doubt in their minds to remind them of the horrible ghosts of 2007,2004 and 2001 RWC’s.

God help them if the AB’s get knocked out before the final ….

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