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All Blacks(28) vs Springboks(30): ABs do a Veitch !

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Via a domestic violence scandal Radio/TV Tony Veitch  will lose it all.

The All Blacks last 10 minutes was a major write off, nothing short of disaster. Just like the RWC 2007 quarter final, on the field replacements (injury or tactically) drastically reduced their ability to be effective under huge pressure. The last 10 minutes saw the Boks out think us, out passion us, when there captain was sin binned they stood up like King Leonidas versus the Persians (300 Movie) .

                     loan5003.jpg Truely heroic !

The last 10 minutes saw the ABs loose a critical lineout on the Boks 5m line, loose possession in the tackle several times and a failed drop goal attempt. Sure the first 70 minutes was a fair contest, but the last 10 minutes was not fair, ABs had the advantage, then they did a ‘Veitch’ (lost it all).

This year you cant expect the ABs to have an unbeaten record because too many players with experience have gone to northern sides.  I am willing to go through the drought while new talent is brought up to standard and I will in no way agree to the call to strengthen the squad with overseas players. In rugby these days it’s about overall squad ability and the ABs have a good ‘A’ side and a not so good ‘B’ side. Some of the players in the ‘B’ side did not stand up and were not All Black grade.

As a Coach you learn the most about your players when your side is going backwards. This was very true in the last 10 minutes, because it was 14 vs 15 players and we were leading by 5 points. The Boks turned this around and won the match.

Some ABs need a re think ..

Keven Mealamu:The real bad, lineout throws were too low, he stood too wide around the ruck allowing Ricky Januarie in the gate for match winning try, to me he looks a little heavy and slow, just not fit enough. In the last 10 minutes his play contributed to the defeat more than others. Once he was a first pick, now I think he should be replaced. Then again the coach did sub off Andrew Hore, why, rotation !

Jerome Kaino: Needs to ‘Zinny’ or a ‘Buck’ up quick. He had a great chance to step up, as the AB second row was very very green, yet he was missing in action. Yes he was ok in lineouts and back of scrum, but that’s not enough. Needs a kick up the jacksee or he’s gone.

Ma’a Nonu:Yes, after a series of very good games, losing critcal possession twice in the last 1o minutes was very poor. His bad game can still surface, he needs to play for 80 minutes in every game at the highest standard. 10 laps around the field !

Sitiveni Sivivatu: In the last two games he has been replaced twice for a player (Leon MacDonald) with a running and kicking game. Playing a strong defensive side seams to highlight his lack of test playing skills (no kicking game). No room for a one trick pony in international rugby. Maybe Leon will be starting in the games to come. Find new blood !

ABs Tight Five: The Bok tight five are big, strong and they won the second half. The number of ABs test caps was partly the problem. The ABs baby locks (Boric and O’Neill) are still in international rugby pre school and it showed. Having Brad and Ali (hope) starting is essential to this years AB’s success.

Coaches: Why, please tell me why, with 10 minutes to go you sub off your performing hooker (Hore) for a cold player (Mealamu), when you only winning by 5 points. The hooker (and halfback) are too critical to the sides performance to be subbed off in a tight game. Henry does not read the tea leaves, this is one skill Deans has mastered better. Old dog same tricks !

On the plus side Carter, Smith, Afoa, Hore, Wolf, Ellis (just), Lauakai stood up. Yes I have bagged the last two, and yes they are getting better, but their on ‘watch’ !

I remember the days when the ABs forwards and Grant Fox could execute a last minute drop goal with ease. In recent times under great pressure we have failed to do this. One of the reasons is player rotation, that’s because in training you never know what combination of players you will have on the field in the last 5 minutes, so how can your rehearse it. In game rotation should be used very carefully.

The Dunedin game was about the RWC Boks showing after being ambushed in the first test, that they have what it takes to win on tour, they must be favorites to win the Tri Nations. The ABs have been exposed, the Aussies have a real chance of plucking the Bledisloe Cup from us ! The thinking power of Henry and Deans will be the greatest show in town over the next couple of months, will ‘international newcomer’ Deans show up the ‘old dog’ Henry, time will tell. Lets hope the Dunedin game will be the catalyst for much smarter thinking in the AB camp. This was the type of game we need before the RWC 2007 world cup, and damn good reality check !

This was truly a great historic win for the Boks, and we let them have it, how is said, the ABs snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Go the ABs, two weeks to sharpen up, no more Veitch’s !!


  •   michael
    July 13th, 2008 at 3:09 pm    

    One thing I can say for sure now is that the Springboks deserve to be world champions and england definitely DON’T!!! GO BOKKE!!!

  • good article , I added you in the ‘Liked’ category.. thanks for sharing the article!