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NPC Two Tier Contest..We like it..

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Source: NPC to become Two Part Contest

1) Two 7 team levels, upper and lower.
2) Super rugby zones could end up in lower levels.
3) 4 cross over games between upper and lower levels.
4) All games in (3) and (1) carry championship points.
5) Immediate promotion and relegation between levels.
6) Salary cap lowered (based on provincial income).
7) Max player payments levels.
8.) After RWC, finals play off will be introduced.
9) Works with new Super 15.
10) TV revenue sharing.

COMMENTS: What will happen when there is a Super 18 ????? Great news that costs were negotiated down, and that Manawatu can still play Auckland in future years. This NPC format meets the player, fan and economic needs.

Funny how Mr Tew was not required for this NZRU/Collective agreement. He’s a gonna !

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