Sunday, July 11th, 2010...11:50 am

Well da…Fitzy

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Source: We shouldn’t count too many chickens, but…

Fitzy Extract..

..”We saw that the All Blacks got tremendously quick ball; recycling it very fast. We saw in the Super 14 that the sides who recycle ball quickly can now get over the advantage line and behind the defensive line – and that’s what the All Blacks did last night.”..

COMMENTS: Remember the days when Aussie had the Bledisloe cup, well Aussie had one asset that we didnt George Gregan, and George was lightening fast with recycling the ball, a lot faster than our Justin Marshall.

The point is, when has slow ball been any good in rugby at the break down, when, I tell you when NEVER, most teams that lose suffer slow ball at the break down. Fitzy da !

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