Wednesday, July 14th, 2010...8:45 am

ABs Coach Smith Idiot !

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   ABs Coach Smith….

I mean are you serious you plonker !

Source1: All Blacks: Ranger at Superman fitness, says Smith

Source2: Winning could be All Blacks’ worst enemy, warns Smith

This guy has so much computer charts and stats he cant see the forest for all the trees he looks at.

Older ABs coaches must be laughing so loud, after all the ABs have won games for 100 years before computers, and IT’S NOT DIFFERENT THIS TIME as rugby players are just lads to like to chase a pig skin ( ask Laurie Mains) .

Smith has been in charge of sputter of a ABs back line for 10 years, and he still has not go the ABs backs working like the Aussie back line some years back ( ie Gregan, Larkham, Giteau, Mortlock etc , thats the best backline in 10 years, yes shut it up, it is !)

Smith should bugger off to coach rugby in Alaska !

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