Friday, July 16th, 2010...9:57 am

True Rumble in the Capital

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The great boxing matches in the past between Ali and Fraser, Ali and Forman, Hagler vs Sugar Ray are a rare things these days. To get large men beating the crap out of one other in civilized way ( yes boxing is civilized) is very rare. Today boxing contests like other contest are major flops, and rarely do you get contest like the days of old.

BUT every now and then you get a rugby game like last week ABs vs Boks were the tight five contest was exactly that, large men beating the crap out of one other in a civilized way ( notwithstanding Botha’s performance) . Such fantastic demonstration of rugby skill and physical expression explains why rugby is one of the last great sporting contests out there for MEN. Let is so remain.

Roll on ABs vs Boks : Wellington

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