Friday, September 3rd, 2010...8:54 pm

SBW major hurdle to Overcome: WorkRate!

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The Sonny Bill Williams show rolled on Friday night.

SBW played 60 minutes.

The good:
– He makes an impact when involved
– He has rugby knowledge
– He is big and strong

The NOT so good:
– A poor work rate
– Lacks rugby anticipation, the ability to read the game.

SBW is in the same place Ma Nonu was 5 years ago. He’s good 50% of the time. Write now other players are better.

Don’t believe me, compare SB Williams work rate to Zac Guilford work rate. If you put SBW into a rugby sevens side, you will see his lungs bleed.

League plays are used to a three minute burst of play, then have a rest, where rugby plays may suffer 15 minutes of  lung busting running.

Sorry Ma Nonu is way ahead of the SBW circus.

Come on SBW get fit, do extra training, it would be great to see you put up a real challenge to current All Blacks, but write now, no chance !

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