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Conrad Smith on Rugby League

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Source: Conrad Smith will put the All Blacks first


And as far as Smith considering a similar code switch, you get the feeling the chances are remote at best.

“League? I don’t know. I played a bit at school when the first XV used to transfer and play a bit. I don’t know, it’s not quite me. I love the physicality of it, but I think it’s a bit too simple.”

COMMENTS:¬† That is¬†exactly my point why Sonny ‘BullShit” Bill will be a very poor choice for the role of ABs Centre. He is used to a simple game, rugby is more complex and you need the sharpest rugby brains in the correct place at the right time, when the pressure is intense.

The above is exactly why the ABs have NOT been in a RWC final for two decades. Rugby Smarts is lacking.

I would target Sonny at 2nd five eight. He is the same mold as MacAlister, both would run great off Dan Carter.

This means: MacAlister, Sonny Bill, Ma Nonu are battling it out for 2nd five. Notice the common traits then !

However, what’s their kicking game like, well you dont get everything I guess !

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