Saturday, October 24th, 2009...9:27 am

Hanson: I’ve been flushed !

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Question: Why was Hanson moved away being the forward coach, and Henry has been self appointed as forwards coach of the ABs?

Short Answer: Hanson was an ELV lover, and when the laws changed this year, he didn’t change, hence we saw with the three test matches against the BOKs the ABs forwards beaten!

Mauls (esp) scrums and lineout are more important now under the new laws than they were under the ELVs. The ELVs diluted these structured plays as the tap kick allowed them to less frequent (plus the ELV maul laws didnt help) in the game.

Hanson didn’t change, and we ended the 2009 season with 3-0 vs the BOKs.

Hanson once said after an ABs loss “Flush the dunny and move on !”, Well that’s be done, and Hanson is closer to the ABs coaching exit door !

Lets hope Henry improves the forwards. The fact that Issac Ross has been told to bulk up is a sign of this, as he was not good in the tight stuff versus the Boks. Maybe Henry should have said “Issac you need to BOK up !”

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