Sunday, November 29th, 2009...10:30 am

ABs(39) vs France(12): Who didnt tackle then !

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ABs roll out for a win…

The season ended, and all the NZ Monday morning press are in orgasmic mode with the ABs. Sorry I am just very warm.


The french midfield couldn’t tackle, the BOKs, Aussies, Welsh and English could and the results where very different. We won some and lost some. The French were just very bad on the weekend, my guess they were on ‘happy juice’ after beating the BOKs and thought the ABs would be a ‘not so hard’.

Any injuries to Conrad Smith, Dan Carter or Richie McCaw and this ABs team is very very different.

This season to me will be remembered by 3-0 losses to the BOKs, and a home series loss to the French.

This includes the Tri Nations blunders on selections and tactics by the coaches, I mean not picking Cory Jane after a great French test, the coaches suffered blind loyalty for Joe Rokocoko. The only reason Sivivatu is still there is for the same reason loyalty, and the 1 in 3 good game, Zac Guildford has a workload twice as high as Sivivatu, so he better watch out.

So the errors this year can be found in the top three inches of the coaches head. Hanson and Smith are dead weights, TED should rule alone !

PLEASE STOP THIS: All Blacks: Hansen keen to coach forwards again


  • I completely agree with the core thesis of this post – 0-3 to South Africa is – was – and remains the core issue.
    Beating a a reasonable Wales side, sub-standard England, Italy and a crap French midfield need to be off-set with some pretty average and unconvincing moments in the first 3 matches.
    The Boks are the world champs so they are who we need to benchmark against.
    Basically, the performance at the weekend merely confirmed for opponents that they shouldn’t opt for an open running game when they play the ABs (especially if you’re not going to tackle in the midfield) and rest assured none of them will come RWC 2011 (and the important games in between).

  • Good luck with your blog, cheers!