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ELVs: Grant Fox Flip Flop, bring back the ruck.

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Source: Frustration with some Super 14 refereeing  – Grant Fox

Grant Fox one the most brilliant first five eights to ever put on the boots, was not thinking so smart 12 months ago, and good on him for going on record to say so, he got some elements of the ELVs so very wrong. I also will never forget when he slotted a penalty with 2 minutes to go against my 1st 15 at high school to win the game, dam he was good !

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What he says today…

In my view, there’s an easy way to keep players on their feet – allow rucking. The lawmakers will say you can still ruck. Reality is different. The whistle-blowers simply don’t let it happen.

As a result, we continue to battle with the most perplexing area of our game for all involved – the breakdown. It’s still a mess.

I originally supported the ELV allowing mauls to be collapsed by the defending team but in practice it hasn’t worked. It unfairly favours the defending team – a wider problem rugby now has.

COMMENTS: About time the Auckland Grammar boy woke up. Grant Fox, Laurie Mains, Inga the Winga and Wynne Gray (many more no doubt) have called for rucking to be reinstated back to 1990s style. The jungle drums have started to beat !

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