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ELVs: The old fuddy-duddies got this one right!

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Source: Teams to pay the penalty  – Toby Robinson

Is it possible the old fuddy-duddies up north have got a point?

We got the ELVs because fans and players complained the game had become too slow. Too many rolling mauls, too many reset scrums, too many lineouts, too many shots at goal.

The theory behind the changes remains sound. A good game’s a fast game.

But freekicks have not worked. They have given referees and players an easy out and are destroying the “structure” of rugby union.

It is the set piece kicks to touch, lineouts, scrums and kickoffs that separates rugby from that other code. That make it a more tactical battle. That provide for all shapes and sizes.

From a fan’s point of view, they also build tension, provide a breather to take in the situation, understand what’s going on rather than wondering what the five freekicks in the last passage of play were for.

They also allow the players to formulate their next move on the chess board.

Quick taps create mayhem. Set piece creates structure

COMMENTS:I am going to have to get in touch with a copyright lawyer, rugby is like chess metaphor is been used by others far to often, I wonder if they pinched it off my blog !

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