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ELVs: But the Six Nations didnt trial them, so how come!

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Much fuss has been made about the ruck and the how to police it, NZRU Ceo Mr Tew finds favour with the current southern ELVs with the free kick approach, yet the northern six nation teams find favour with the stiff arm penalty, and they have attracted much criticism for not trialling the new ELVs. The northern nations have and consequently voting against the southern ELVs ( yes I know they are IRB ELVs). The northern nations made there judgement by viewing 2008 Super 14 rugby matches and said “NO” to the free kick approach. Why was this approach given the raspberry, whats the big deal ?

Consider this:
1) I know the moon is round, yet I have not been there !
2) I know Elle Macphersons boobs are fantastic, yet I have not played with them !
3) I know Eva Braun loved Adolf Hitler, yet I did not go to the wedding !
4) I know Austrialians dads breed with their daughters, I have never seen this!
5) I know Jona Lomu was the most destructive winger to walk on the rugby field, yes I have seen this !

The point is, sometimes is soo bloody obvious to know what is right ! Well done Six Nations, using the two inches up top before the big hooves down below !

NOTE: Free Kicks or Stiff arm penalties are the options the current ELVs support, this blog supports 1990s style rucking more so. Read previous posts, thanks!

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