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Australia(16) vs Springboks(9) – ELV comment.

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 This is just a quick note to comment on the ELV’s in the above game.

 1) Did you notice the contrast in refereeing style between this game and the game the week before (ABs vs Boks), ELV’s can also be destroyed by the refs performance (I mean the poor performance of the Aussie ref in the AB game).

2) The first half was horrible. Kicking sequences of 4 to 6 kicks, yuk, the ELVs have a force back game within it and it’s a bore. The first half lacked traditional rugby union structure.

3) The field wide trench defense was prevalent through out the game, at times it looked like bull rush. (More here ELVs – ‘The Field Wide Trench Defence’ or ‘FWTD’ )

4) I don’t like the 6 vs 3 in the lineouts, it looks stupid, and it favors the defending side out wide. Why don’t they just line up horizontal offensive and defensive lines and run at each other. (More here ELVs – Endangered Species: Maul and Lineout )

5) If John O’Neill claims that this game as Rugby Union ELV spectacle then he needs his head examined.

6) The game got better in the second half as the Boks tired, the game had more traditional rugby union structure. Just as I said on this page My ELV Amendments  more needs to be done before a final ELV package is settled on.

…”30 years ago the laws imposed structure within rugby union, today the ELV laws allow the players to choose to scrum or not, to have a long lineout or not. I say allow players to choose to scrum or not, but inject some structure back into the game via the laws by allowing (b) (ie (b) is Full lineouts only). This re adjusts the balance between structure and non structure to equilibrium”…

 To conclude..

Finally, not all games are good, pre ELV games have had there bad day also, so balance in ones judgement is required. Read my blog because I have all the answers, ha !

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