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ELVs – Maybe trial period having desired consequences.

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Source: Henry happy with new rule changes

Graham Henry has given the ELVs a pass mark after their international debut in the opening Tri Nations test at the weekend.

However, he said he is still not sure about the sacking of mauls and the open numbers in the lineout.

The All Blacks coach gave the thumbs up though he conceded that they make things harder for his coaching staff as they make the game less structured.

His players prefer playing to the new rules as the game becomes more open and more athletic.

But the All Blacks will have to wait and see whether all of them become permanent law within the game.

And All Blacks forwards coach Steve Hansen believes one of the new ELVs will not survive – the rule allowing sides to use any number of players in the lineout.

He said it is flawed and gives the defending team an advantage.

My Comments:This goes to show that no matter how many tests and trials completed by the IRB, those results mean squat when matched to ‘professional rugby’ trial results. The two new rules in the Tri Nations (maul sacking and lineout numbers) will be dumped from the ELV list I predict. Sorry there is just no love for them ! Done, gone !

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