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Rugby dying with heavy Yellow card use!

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Jolie Boobs Yellow card, its just not the same ! 

Source: A severe case of yellow card madness

Extract..”If rugby stays on this track, not only are the days of 15 v 15 over 80 minutes over, but there will be heavily reduced contests if referees like Joubert really have the so-called courage some are lauding him for. My guess is the referees will start backing off if a couple of players are already off, fearing they will have orchestrated a farce. Which is what it is.

Just imagine if a World Cup final was skewed, or wrecked, by the rulings which saw Mitchell dismissed.

Rugby needs a decent old pow-wow to sort this yellow card madness out after a rash of dodgy decisions in just four Tri-Nations matches.

Tests are supposed to be tough places where 15 blokes take on 15 other blokes. Yet referees are now dismissing players on suspicion and for non-events.”…

COMMENTS: I agree, I agree.

Whats RIP from the game:

1) Rucking
2) Push over tries ( from scrums, well nearly)
3) Mauls (just saved from ELV attack)
4) A true 15 vs 15 contest (currently under threat with heavy yellow card use).

We have had three ABs game this Tri Nations, every game has been seen the use of the yellow card, and 14 v15 has proven that going to a LIVE GAME is a pure waste of hard earned CASH. I mean its like going to the movies and and seeing Angelina Jolie boobs covered up with a BLACK censorship box, its just not the same. Rugby must insist of being 15v15 at all times.

Rugby League has a reporting system
Basketball has a foul system
Boxing has a point reduction system

BUT PLAYERS STAY ON THE FIELD  (or court), rugby must wake up and fix this !

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