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ELVs: Revolution, down with ELVs, thank god!

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The above instrument is required to fix the ELVs.

Wynne Gray and Laurie Mains this last week have written articles stating what rugby has missed in the last 15 years, and readers of this blog know what I am going to say, BRING BACK THE RUCK ! Revolution is in the ranks, let’s hope the journos pick this argument up and push it through the rugby world print writers. Taking the ruck out of rugby is like taking dribbling out of basketball, or headers out of soccer, or spin bowling out of cricket. It should have never been done.

Source: Rucking will help sort out the mess – Wynne Gray


The continuing emasculation of forward play is the worst part about the modern game.[Blog: Exactly, this blog supports this statement 100%]

Watching officials condone crooked scrum feeds and lineout throws with as much bend as Muttiah Muralitharan’s elbow is bad enough.

But the ruck, the section of rugby which defined its character and created space, has been eroded.

That disintegration may have pleased queasy parents and nations who were not as adept at rucking as their New Zealand counterparts, but it is the blight in the modern game.

Every breakdown is a mess. Players who venture into that area are off their feet, coming in at angles, taking players out without the ball, playing the ball with their hands, releasing possession when support arrives rather than immediately – the offences are widespread.

Players sense they have freedom to lie all over possession. A free kick is a minor concession or punishment while teammates regroup on defence in a single line across the park.

Lawmakers have made rucking so hazardous they may as well have banned it. Rugby has suffered subsequently. There were hints the IRB had recognised the flaw, but getting them into action would be like asking both hemispheres to use the ELVs at the same time.

COMMENTS:Wynne Gray and Laurie Mains have basically said that the IRB’s tree loving ELVs have fooked up rugby, and the many TV money taking ex internationals who commentate on the game have no balls to state the obvious the ruck must be brought back, and immediately. Stand up Grant Fox, Murray Mexted and Stu Wilson ( well two of these are backs and wouldn’t know jack sh*t), and draw a line in the sand, cause there will be a revolution, and we will remember those that supported the issues and those that didnt! Heads will role !

PS: I have used harsh words in the last couple of postings, I cant say I am sorry ,I am loosing it, the rugby is so bad in the 2009 Super 14, its just gotta stop !

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