Saturday, October 11th, 2008...4:52 pm

Rugby in NZ is doomed !

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Why so gloomy.

Imagine a NZ economy where unemployment is over 8%, the housing market has fallen 30% and peoples disposal income as dried up. If you dont think the current credit crunch will get us there, then you havent read the latest RBNZ economic report.

With other rugby markets wanting our players, by paying good money and not the NZD pesos. This saying will rule, “Those that have the gold make the rules !”. Therefore Aussie, Japan, France, and England (maybe USA) clubs will pluck our under 21 talent from our shores the same way the young Brazilian soccer players are pulled from south america to northen hemisphere soccer clubs.

Aussie has already started down this track : Anzac rugby unions shape up for player war

Rugby agents will pluck under kiwi under 21 players from schools and colts, and leave the cubbord dry. The poor agents got to make a dollar, and as they work on a percentage. The biggest deal will only do.

That’s why every agent is insisting the All Blacks must be selected from overseas “for the good of the mana of the All Black jersey”, and better and more frequent agent commissions. Business will boom !

One agents comments reak of self Interest  [a former All Black and now an player agent/blood sucker] – Graig Innes…

[From the same Article linked above.]

Leading player agent Craig Innes, who helped broker Braid’s deal, warned it might be the tip of the iceberg. “The whole landscape is changing. Australia is targeting players at under-20 level even. When the [New Zealand and Australian] school boys played [in New Plymouth on Friday] generally a few league scouts turn up but apparently there were agents everywhere. The player market at all levels is heating up and if Australia gets a fifth super rugby franchise they going to target players from everywhere. There’s major pressure coming on from all sides, including Japan.”

Japanese clubs have expanded their international player quota from two to three although the third import must be eligible to play for Japan. This means emerging players, who have not yet played for the All Blacks, will come under demand.

Innes said: “It’s going to be awfully tempting for them isn’t it. The black jersey still holds sway for most of them but things are changing. It’s going to change the way we think about everything including All Blacks eligibility.

“The [NZRU] is already taking baby steps towards [allowing overseas players to be selected] but things are evolving so fast.

“I don’t think we’re far away from a big change.”

My Comments: P*ss off ! More spin to promote the agent business model.