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ELVs – Aussies not singing ONeills tune.

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Source: Bucket tipped on ELVs – Adrian Proszenko

FORMER Wallaby Dick Marks has delivered a damning 10-page critique of the experimental law variations to ARU supremo John O’Neill.

Marks, a Queensland Rugby Union board member, sent the document, titled The Other Side of the Coin, to O’Neill and fellow rugby heavy-hitters David Nucifora, Rod McCall, Peter Cosgrove and Peter McGrath, calling on them to review the way the ELVs have been implemented. He writes that the ELVs have:

■ Made referees a law unto themselves;

■ Turned rugby into a “kickfest”;

■ Increased the number of penalties and free kicks;

■ Almost eliminated “true” ruck and mall contests;

■ Not been universally accepted and not applied uniformly worldwide; and

■ Not enhanced rugby’s entertainment value.

Marks writes: “Sure, there are stats that say the ball is in play more, but that’s not much use when it’s 50 metres up in the air.”

And he has the backing of several influential identities, including former Wallaby Gary Pearse, kicking coach Ben Perkins and veteran Welsh official Malcolm Lewis.

“Most of the people that have publicly supported these laws are part of the extended ARU PR machine,” he wrote. “It’s useless getting comments from players who say the laws are wonderful. No player on $300,000 will get up and say, ‘I hate them’, they’ll be toeing the official ARU line … I want the other side of the coin presented to the public.”

My Comments:Think back to the ELV cheerleaders and the great central rugby union SPIN machine, those idoits love their paycheck more than they love the game. TV Commentators, radio jocks, tossers, thank god for free bloggers and some of the free press out there!

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