Tuesday, May 27th, 2008...5:29 pm

ELVs – Aussie ELV comments hits the nail on the head!

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Source: The ELV debate is a sideshow distracting us from more important questions – Chris S

More points does not mean a more exciting game. Rules that create more points will not necessarily make it more compelling.The biggest global sport by far is soccer – this game commands huge revenues and crowds, but does so with very low scores. (Perhaps an average goal count of 2 per match.) Points do not make games more exciting, in fact it seems that the opposite can be true – it is tension, suspense and occasional flashes of brilliances that win our hearts and have us coming back to watch again. Do we dare try some alternative ELVs that make points harder to score? [My Comments: My point excactly, see my ELV Amendments, this Aussie has got it right !]

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