Sunday, November 14th, 2010...8:07 am

SBW at 2nd Five, what does this mean for Rugby?

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So Sonny Bill Williams seams to work well at 2nd five in the All Blacks.

What does this mean for rugby?

Has the new application of the current rugby laws meant that a kicking 2nd five is not longer needed (Remember when coaches would select two skilled 1st fives for the 1st and 2nd five role in the backs). It seams so. Well assuming you have a on field back up for the 1st five kicking game from some one else, then it is a yes!  I haven’t seen SBW kick yet, have you ?

Does this mean each international rugby team must now find a player that is 100kg plus, can distribute the ball, think smart, be quick and strong in the go forward.

In other words all those talented blind side flankers out there please apply for the 2nd five role.

If the application of the laws stay this way, I can see the Boks doing just that, funny thing is that Fiji, Tonga and Somoa have always had this type of player at 2nd five.  Are we all going pacific ??

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