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Stephen Jones Concludes…

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Source: Super 14 cops Northern Hemisphere serve

Well I am not surprised that Stephen Jones agrees with me. He has been too  tough making some judgments in the past.


“I’ve often written of the dangers of chasing the concept of entertainment in rugby. It made a complete joke of Super Rugby and it is in grave danger of doing so all over again,” Jones continued.

“It is living proof of the shambles that occurs when senior officials of struggling unions make the gross error to believe that endless sickly movements are the answer to their problems.

“By doing so, they put pressure on coaches and especially on referees. The biggest lie is that the pap rugby of last weekend was caused by a so-called crackdown by southern hemisphere referees on tackling.

“No doubt they were. But there was far more to it than that. Effectively, they abandoned any semblance of a fair contest for possession in any phases of the match and felt under pressure so that the attacking team were allowed to do so no matter what. They also feared that their paymasters would be on their backs if the game did not yield around 15 tries minimum.”

Some of the simple reasons why rugby is sooo good

1) It’s one of the last games on this planet where physical contact is real.
2) The drama, suspense, anticipation can be surreal.
3) A game of chess, tactics, strategy.
4) Big and small men going at it, no matter of eithers weight class.
5) A game that can be described as a battle, a contest.

Dilute these characteristics and WHO CARES. You know I can watch woman’s beach volley ball anytime.

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