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Jokes: More Funny ha ha !

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An Kiwi wanted to become an Aussie so he visited a doctor to find out how to go about this. 

“Well” said the doctor, “this is a very delicate operation and there is a lot that can go wrong.  I will have to remove half your brain”. 

“That’s OK” said the Kiwi.  “I’ve always wanted to be an Aussie and I’m prepared to take the risk”.

The operation went ahead but the Kiwi woke to find a look of horror on the face of the doctor.  “I’m so terribly sorry!!” the doctor said.  “Instead of removing half the brain, I’ve taken the whole brain out”. 

The patient replied, “No problem sir, jolly good show, tally ho!!”


The All Blacks were playing England, and after the half-time whistle blew they found themselves ahead 50-0, Jonah Lomu getting eight tries. The rest of the team decided to head for the pub instead of playing the second half, leaving Jonah to go out on his own.

“No worries,” Jonah told them, “I’ll join you later and tell you what happened.” After the game Jonah headed for the pub where he told his teammates the final score: 95-3.

“What!!!!” said a furious Josh Kronfeld, “How did you let them get three points??!” Jonah replied apologetically, “I was sent off with 20 minutes to go.”

ha ha ha !~~