Wednesday, May 20th, 2009...4:25 pm

Super Rugby: The upside of a conference competition.

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From 2011 there will be 3 x 5 team conferences: NZ, AU and SA. All producing 2 teams each for a 6 team play offs (two teams from each conference).

There is already talk of expanding the conferences to 6 teams to allow Japan and another SA team into the mix. (Source: Japanese set to join Super Rugby party– Greg Growden)

What about this expansion ! Super Rugby with the USA and Argentina. What will that be: 4 x 6 team conferences with the top two teams in an 8 team playoff. Or maybe 4 team playoff to reduce the amount of rugby, so only the winners from each conference in the playoffs. A mini world club competition. Who knows !

Conferences reduce travel demands, with a positive spin off in getting wider TV markets to watch super rugby all round the world. VERY commercial, looks like conferences will be here to stay.

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