Monday, March 2nd, 2009...9:23 am

End Sunscreen Rugby, well what about scuba rugby..

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Source: O’Neill calls for end of ‘sunscreen rugby’

O’Neill set off on Monday for a Sanzar board meeting in Dubai where he will bring up the heat issue and also move for an expanded competition.

“Personally, I think we start Super rugby too early and that’s one of the things on the agenda for the Sanzar board meeting,” he said at a news conference in Sydney.

“Late February, early March in Brisbane is a very humid, hot place and an afternoon game to boot.

NO problems here mate! If this is SANZARs attitude then what about Rugby in NZ between June and July at night, that is ‘scuba rugby’, and a waste of time for the viewing public.

NO half measures please…yeah right ! (Tui)

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