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The good and bad for 2008

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         The guy with his head in the sand is the NZ rugby loving public.

The good of 2008 for the ABs and NZRU.

  1. The winning percentage
  2. Andrew Hore, Conrad Smith, R McCaw
  3. Jimmy Cowan showed us hes a stroppy little sh*t and wont back down, not ever !
  4. NZRU will make a profit with out forex hedging tricks. Even though they have to sell the ABs to Honk Kong punters, and next year to USA punters. Oh well credit crunch and all that.
  5. Adidas re signs, neat more German designed soccer/rugby style gear !
  6. RWC awarded to NZRU

The not so good

  1. Munster showed how fragile some of the second tier players are, well there not All Blacks full stop.
  2. Wayne Smith, nice guy, but the ABs back line has never fired to the same level the Aussies did when they beat us with guys like Larkam, Latham, Mortlock, etc ( remember 5 losses in a row).
  3. The brains in the back line with out Conrad Smith just are not there, the fiji boys can not have passed to many of the rugby exams, because under pressure they flake (one exception Joe’s try against Munster, maybe he got lucky..will watch 2009 and see).
  4. Having forwards in the back line has destroyed more attacks than it has created, many a try has gone missing due to the fatties standing in as first receiver. Maybe a tactic from ELVs, whatever it should be avoided. Rugby is a game of structure, like it or not !
  5. The theatre that the haka has become, jes wayne, the ABs should playing on the West End if they carry on with the haka in its current show poney form. Keep it simple !
  6. The Water front stadium died, this is one thing Trevor Mallad should have just DONE (dont mention the ACC blowout).

The ABs win all the games in between RWC, and get spanked in the CUP semis if we are lucky, why, cause we believe our own press, performance at RWC must be 50% higher than non RWC years. The boys get fooled by the sub par performance of the international competitions, and when the real show is on it’s a surprise when we loooooose !

See ya in the new year 2009…go the ABs !!

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