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ELVs – RIP ! (Nearly)

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Source: Sour taste from half-pie ELVs – Greg Ford

IRB boss Mike Miller has admitted that, “in hindsight”, the global trial of the ELVs has been flawed.

A NZRU spokesman even confirmed no decision had been made on which rules will apply in next year’s Super 14.

Miller: “In hindsight we might have bitten off more than we could chew.

“We looked at a lot of areas in the game we thought we could improve. The trials were not universal in scope. They were trialled at senior level in some countries and not in others, which didn’t help.

…”Perhaps a more simple approach would have been better.”…

My Comments: This blog has seen the ELV faults from the beginning. Stupid ELV cheerleaders have done the game no good. I like the ELVs but with amendments,that has always been my case. Downunder has just learnt where the rugby power base is and that’s up North (England, Ireland and Wales).

Some of the not so bright cheerleaders are (drum roll):

1) CEO of the ARU John O’Neill can be blamed for a lot of the political waves the ELVs have caused. His ‘peacock‘ type stance has done the ELV case no good.

2) Paddy OBrien and the LPG Committee. The management of  the ELV trials did not have a popular following.

3) Rod MacQueen (back room influence) allowed too much of his Aussie rules and rugby league to influence the formation of some of the ELVs.

4) CEO NZRU Steve Tew for having blind puppy love for the ELVs, as staunch rugby man he should have known better.

5) All television rugby commentators that tried to tell the NZ rugby public that pulling down a maul and 8 vs 2 man lineouts was a good thing !

All the above need to read the founding post(s) of this blog

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