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Spiro Zarvos – Claim and Counter Claim, with no formula.

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zavos.jpg  Source: The British don’t understand rugby, and don’t understand the ELVs – Spiro Zavos

My Comments: I am not going to post the article here, but its typical of the claim and counter claim with no formula to target an end result, I mean the desired format for rugby union, a blueprint. This blog is about the balance between structured and non structured play in rugby union, to much of either is not the best for rugby union. You cant have endless running rugby because it becomes mindless, you cant remove the variety of structure from the game as it reduces specialised skills that took years to develop (mauls, full lineouts, etc), if you take time to read the foundation posts of the blog you will find a well thought out approach how rugby union should look like.

Spiro confirms that the only structure in the new ELV game that keeps the need for players to be all shapes and sizes is the scrum, pre ELVs, mauls, driving, full lineouts required more of the short fat stocky guy than post ELVs. Spiro will say, “Hey, those structures are still there!”, yes thats true but in a much reduced frequency.

The best running rugby is born after a rugby union structured platform, NOT from the horizontal lines of offence and defence, where one player just misses a tackle! Gee Spiro get that thru your head !

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