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Fitzpatrick – Me me me !

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Source: Fitzpatrick: Just why I quit New Zealand

All Black icon Sean Fitzpatrick has opened up on his reasons for his family’s shift to the UK, saying he wanted to bring up his two young daughters outside of a “tunnel-visioned” New Zealand society. 

Mate you quit NZ to earn 500,ooo pounds a year, ars*hole, sitting on your bum to repeat cliches like ‘full credit’,’you must win the forward battle’,’a game of two halves’, etc.

“As All Blacks we celebrate success, but we park it very quickly,” he said. Our fans celebrate and then they move on. We won the World Cup in 1987, but we’ve never had a reunion as a team, yet over here the English still talk about 1966.”..

1966 or 1066, who gives a shit! Why does one need constant patting on the back, Fitz obviously didn’t get enough attention from his mother when he was a child ! This guy obviously wants to walk down the corridors of NZRU and have all the office people come out and clap, and lay down rose petals.

“It’s been interesting. You sit in New Zealand looking at the Northern Hemisphere and think they’re different in the way they play and their competitions aren’t as good as ours,” he said.

“But then you actually come up here and realise the Six Nations is a tremendous competition.

Fitz, TV allows a person to watch a game 12,ooo miles away, that’s what TV does, one does not need to be there. So if a rugby fan can watch a couple of Northern games and then a couple of southern games, he or she can make judgements on the game as they wish.

Fitz continues to live the full fledged rugby donut ! Full credit to him. My guess he will argue next that NZ Sky TV rugby commentators should be selected from overseas as well, I wonder whose trumpet he would be blowing then !

These days Fitzy provides plenty of ‘foot in the mouth’ commentary to write about, Thanks for that.

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