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ELVs – AFL and ELV rugby are a match !

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Source: Crusaders-Force great advert for the ELVs– Spiro Zarvos

Critics of the ELVs complain that they bring union closer to league. This is a woeful misreading of the variations. If you want to look for a similar football code to ELVs-rugby, that code is Australian football. Like AFL, ELVs-rugby features a continual contest for possession of the ball. Turnovers are frequent. Play can move frenetically up and down the field. Teams that can exploit the turnovers are able to score points quite rapidly.

Play can move up and down the field frenetically, with no structure looking like touch football. Rugby union should not be following AFL, and the more ELV rugby I watch I can see where Rod McQueen got his inspiration from. They instead should look at American Football for there extensive use of strategies.

AFL is not a game for all shapes and sizes and I would suggest nor is ELV rugby, I have seen more locks acting like loose forwards than ever before. The above quote represents what the ARU wants, to have a product that will tease fans over from AFL and NRL. I know that the NZ rugby public (well those over 35 plus years of age, those under don’t have enough viewing experience) don’t like the force back and touch football style of ELV rugby, as it requires no more challenge than kick and chase or run and bash, and who ever misses a tackle or drops the ball looses.

Please dont tell me that you didnt see that type of game in the Super 14 semi finals, I did, and more on that subject latter.

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