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ELVs – There are 50 more tries, relax its better, really!

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Source: Northern sceptics will be blown away – Spiro Zavos

…”A COMMENTATOR in New Zealand revealed the interesting statistic that the 2008 Super 14 tournament, up to the 13th round, had produced 100 fewer penalties and 50 more tries than last year’s tournament.

One of the points his column has made about the ELVs (the experimental law variations) is they allow more expansive play and also (and this is important) the traditional boot-fest game as well.

The play in the Super 14 is derided by some northern hemisphere commentators as being “too frothy”. In reality, the intensity and quality of the rugby being played in this year’s tournament – and especially last weekend as the finals race intensified – is way ahead of what was played last year, even though it was a World Cup year.”..

Other statitics not widely promoted:

So when is a game considered ‘classical’ versus one that this ‘glorified touch football‘. 


  • (i) Classical  : Is when forwards and backs are separated most of the game, each player role would be different.
  • (ii) Glorified Touch Football : Is when forwards and backs are combined most of the game, each player role would be the same.

The next game you watch in Super 14 Rugby calculate the following statistic.

  • 1) How many times the center (say Conrad Smith) either defends or attacks his opposite center? Call this ‘Classical Center Count’.
  • 2) How many times  a tight head forward (say Tony Woodcock)  is standing in the ‘back line’ or in the ‘field wide trench defense’ ? Call this ‘ELV Tight Forward Duties Count’.

 Compute this formula (I call it % of Classical Play in a ELV Game)

([Classical Center Count]  divided by ( [Classical Center Count] plus [ELV Tight Forward Duties Count] )) times 100

 Example (numbers are for demonstration purpose only):

  • – Classical Center Count = 7
  • – ELV Tight Forward Duties Count = 40
  • – % of Classical Play in a ELV Game = 15%

Compare this Percentage to the Rugby Game Type Table

  • A) 86% Plus  – Classical – 1970’s style.
  • B) 66% to 85% – The Grizz Wylie – 1980’s style.
  • C) 36% to 65% – About RightAll Blacks vs Australia 15-7-2000
  • D) 35% and Under – Glorified Touch Football – ‘Run and Bash’, clumsy and ugly rugby.

I am sure you are getting my point by now.

 How to fix the current Super 14 Rugby ELV game. Read posts:

The End.

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