Thursday, May 8th, 2008...7:24 am

ELVS – ‘Its like league!’ (Laurie Mains)

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Source: New laws making game like league

,,”If the aim of these laws was to speed the game up then they’ve succeeded. But the real concern I have is rugby is looking more like league every year.

People who love the game don’t want that to happen.

We want to see rugby maintain its identity and part of that is having struggles up front in the forwards and creating space for backs to run with the ball.

The defensive lines in rugby are now akin to league and I feel the game is getting choked.

If we went back five years and reinstated the laws to allow rucking, I believe we’d have a solution.

With the greater skill and fitness we see in players today we’d have a fantastic game“…

Laurie Main’s opinion is based on Super 14 Rugby 2008 (week 1), which has 13 new ELV laws operational (not the full 23). His opinion is closely correlated to Ian McGeehan’s in this post: ELVs – Hail the New Caesar (Ian McGeechan)