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ELVs – Confirmation, they are more commercial (in Aus).

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Reference : ELVs – the view from the pitch

Eddie Jones (former Australia coach):

“Rugby’s charter is a game based on an equilibrium between contest and continuity, structure and unstructured, set-piece and loose possession. As a game, it separates us from Aussie rules and rugby league where high ball movement reigns.

“To attract footy’s swinging supporters in Australia, we either have to be very successful at national or provincial level or produce a game that matches AFL or league as Super 12 did in 2000 and 2001 when sides ran from everywhere because a new law aided security of possession.”..

“The rest of the world does not have such intense competition for footy spectators so there is skepticism towards law changes that only promote the spectacle, not the charter.”

 Now, read my post Warning – ARU CEO John ONeill

Aussie rugby lost $7,000,000 AUD in one year, that loss would have been $14,000,000 AUD if was not for the IRB RWC 2007 grant. Therefore they need rugby to compete in there market otherwise they will be a minno of the rugby world, oh dear we cant have that ! O, yes we can if means removing motivations to create a rugby hybrid. With the new rules it is now possible to see a test match with no lineouts ( 2 man) and no mauls.I am not saying ARU is the sole promoter of the ELVs, but they sure are the loudest cheerleaders.

So if there was a more socialist method of revenue sharing (between north and south) financial pressures on unions to change rugby on every ying and yang of the profit and loss  statement would be diminished, and the rugby charter would be protected from the fickle market pressures of the time.

This guy hit the nail on the head….

Bryan Habana (South Africa and Bulls):

“It has created a game which is closer to rugby league. Defences are much stronger and there is less space. It has created more kicking in the game, there is more time in play, but it is very much like rugby league, stop-start, stop-start.”

He means : Pass, run, tackle, ruck, Pass, run, tackle, ruck, Pass, run, tackle, ruck, Pass, run, tackle, ruck, Pass, run, tackle, ruck… 15 phases latter no tactical advantage achieved.

The spin in these comments confirms to me that the IRB dont have a <rude word> clue.

Bernard Lapasset (IRB Chairman):

“The primary aim of the ELVs is to make the game simpler to understand for players and supporters alike (me: yea cause its now touch rugby, simpler does not mean more interesting), and that the players dictate the outcome of matches not referee subjectivity. At the same time the basic fabric of the Game has to remain the same in terms of maintaining its identifiable characteristics – the scrum, maul (gone), ruck, line-out (gone) and tackle.

“Importantly, everything that is being trialled relates to the Game’s Playing Charter that recognises Rugby as being a game for all shapes and sizes (me: Richard Loe, Carl Hayman, Os Durant are gone from the game) and that the contest for possession is of paramount importance.”